Vancouver Breakfast Spots

10 Best Vancouver Breakfast Spots To Start Your Day

Breakfast is a meal everyone should eat every day!

But, sometimes, we only have time to make a decent breakfast or want something simple to get us through lunch.

It’s the end of our week, and we’re about to sit down for dinner anyway. (And yes, you can skip dinner and go straight for breakfast if you want).

So why not treat yourself to something delicious this morning? Vancouver’s got a lot of fantastic food that is great for breakfast, so let me help you find the best places!

10 Best Vancouver Breakfast Spots To Start Your Day

Good morning Vancouver! Start your day with a delicious breakfast at one of these fantastic spots.

From classic brunch options to unique and creative dishes. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. Here are 10 of the best Vancouver Breakfast Spots:

1. Jam Cafe:

This cozy cafe has become a local favorite for its expansive menu featuring all-day breakfast items like eggs benedict and pancakes and lunch classics like burgers and sandwiches.

Instagram: @jamcafeyvr

2. Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant:

If you’re looking for a vegan experience, Heirloom is the place to go!

Enjoy tasty dishes such as banana french toast or tempeh bacon & egg sandwich while taking in their chic decor that’ll relax you before starting your day!

Instagram: @heirloomveg

3. Yolks Breakfast & Brunch Joints:

With four locations around town, Yolks is known for its delicious food and friendly staff, ensuring every customer leaves happy.

It isn’t hard when they offer mouthwatering eats like huevos rancheros or lemon ricotta pancakes served with fresh fruit compote on top (yum!).

Instagram: @yolksbreakfast

4. The Red Wagon Cafe:

A must-try spot if you’re craving homemade comfort food with a twist. The Red Wagon Cafe serves everything from pulled pork hash to chive blossom omelets!

Their outdoor patio makes it perfect on sunny days, so check them out soon!

Instagram: @redwagoncafe

Vancouver Breakfast Spots

5. Fable Diner, our five Vancouver Breakfast Spots!

Fable Diner offers classic favorites such as steak & eggs, waffles smothered in syrup, and fluffy blueberry muffins for those looking for more traditional diner fare.

They even have vegetarian options too!

Instagram: @fablediner

6. Chambar Restaurant:

Located near downtown, Chambar serves Belgian cuisine alongside modern twists on old favorites, including poached eggs over smoked salmon croquettes or duck confit quesadillas!

You won’t regret trying any dish here – trust us!

Instagram: @chambar_restaurant

7. Wilder Snail:

Wilder Snail takes farm-to-table dining by sourcing many ingredients locally within BC itself, including wild mushrooms grown outside of Whistler village ( how cool ? )

Try out some yummy avocado toast topped off with feta cheese crumbles today at this fantastic eatery near the Commercial Drive area.

Instagram: @wildersnail

8. The Nook Café

Located in the Kitsilano neighborhood, one of our Vancouver Breakfast Spots serves hearty breakfasts such as shakshuka egg bake served on homemade flatbreads alongside brewed coffee drinks made from roasted beans.

They also offer vegan options so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal without compromising taste buds (or dietary restrictions).

Instagram: @nookrestaurant

9. Mission Kits Beach House Café

This beachside café serves brunch classics, including avocado toast, granola bowls, and Belgium waffles. Plus, plenty of gluten-free/dairy-free alternatives are available, too, so everyone can find something tasty here regardless of whether they follow special diets.

Instagram: @kitsbeachcoffee

10. Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie

For those who love sweets first thing in the morning, look no further than Thomas Haas Chocolates.

Everything is handmade by award-winning pastry chefs using only the highest quality ingredients sourced whenever possible.

From croissants filled with creamy chocolate ganache almond frangipane tarts to glazed apricot jam, something delectable is waiting around the corner!

Instagram: @thaaschocolates