coffee shops in Vancouver

11 popular coffee shops in Vancouver to check out this month

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to kickstart the day. But with all the choices, it can take a lot of work to choose where to go. Here are my top 11 coffee shops in Vancouver that are popular with locals and visitors alike and serve delicious, brewed coffee.

Vancouver is one of the world’s biggest coffee capitals, and it’s easy to see why there are so many great places to grab a cup.

With dozens of shops opening yearly, there have never been more choices about what coffee to try.

Whether you prefer bold or light, iced or hot, it can be hard to decide where to go.

11 popular coffee shops in Vancouver to check out this month

We’ve rounded up 11 of the most popular coffee shops in town. From cozy cafes with great views to trendy spots serving delicious specialty drinks, there’s something for everyone. So grab a cup and get ready to explore!

1) Revolver Coffee:

This hip spot is known for its craft espresso drinks and excellent service. Plus, it has some of the best people-watching around!

Instagram: @revolvercoffee

2) Matchstick Coffee Roasters:

If you’re looking for a fantastic cup of joe paired with a tasty snack or pastry, this is your place. Their small-batch roasting ensures every sip is perfect.

Instagram: @matchstickyvr

3) Prado Cafe:

Located on Commercial Drive near East Broadway Station, Prado has been serving quality java since 2001. So they know what they’re doing when brewing a good cup of joe!

Instagram: @pradocafe

coffee shops in Vancouver

4) Elysian Coffee Bar & Eatery:

A local favorite located on Main Street just off Kingsway Avenue – their signature pour-over coffees are delicious and aesthetically pleasing (check out those latte art designs!).

Instagram: @elysiancoffee

5) JJ Bean Coffee Roasters Granville Island Public Market location:

With two locations across Vancouver (Granville Island being one), JJ Bean offers high-quality beans worldwide and fresh sandwiches and pastries made daily at their flagship cafe downtown.

6) Milano Espresso Lounge:

This Italian-inspired lounge serves traditional espresso beverages alongside housemade paninis, focaccia, biscotti, croissants, and more!

Enjoy them inside or enjoy their outdoor seating area overlooking False Creek.

Instagram: @milanoroasters

7) Caffè Artigiano:

With multiple locations throughout Metro Vancouver, including Coal Harbour’s waterfront location, Caffé Artigiano provides customers with top-notch baristas who ensure each drink lives up to expectations through precise techniques like hand tamping shots during extraction.

Instagram: @caffeartigiano

8) The Birds & The Beets Café:

If you want something different from regular drip brews, head here, where unique concoctions such as lavender lattes await!

They also have many vegan-friendly options, making them stand out from nearby cafés.

Instagram: @birdsandbeets

coffee shops in Vancouver

9) 49th Parallel Café + Lucky’s Doughnuts:

49th Parallel Café is a super cute modern Cafe in downtown Vancouver’s heart.

So fresh and adorable, you won’t get disappointed even while waiting in line!

Instagram: @luckysdoughnuts

10) Timbertrain Coffee Roasters:

This small-batch roaster specializes in single-origin coffees roasted right here in Vancouver while also providing a variety of snacks, such as croissants or breakfast burritos, perfect for any time, day or night!

Instagram: @timbertrain

11) Moja Coffee:

Close to Commercial Drive. Moja provides customers with high-quality espresso and specialty teas, chai lattes, frappes, and smoothies, all served by friendly, knowledgeable baristas who love to chat about what they do best.

Instagram: @mojacoffee

If you’re in Vancouver, there are dozens of coffee shops where you can sample some great coffee and relax. So if you’re looking for a place to try something new or to see what the buzz is all about, check out the list above!

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