trending foods in Vancouver

21 trending foods in Vancouver that you must try

If you’re looking to eat something different but are still deciding what to eat in Vancouver, I have a list of 21 trending foods in Vancouver you must try; this is a list of food trends that are very popular and delicious.

21 trending foods in Vancouver that you must try

Vancouver is known for its mix of cultures; people from all over the world are welcomed here, which also means that there are a lot of culinary tastes and preferences. With our diverse food culture and active population, there’s much more to Vancouver than pretzels and beer.

If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, you’ll have an opportunity to try some fantastic food in the city.

This article will tell you about some of them so you can plan your trip correctly.

trending foods in Vancouver

1- Sushi Burritos:

These large, handheld rolls combine sushi flavors with a burrito’s convenience.

2- Avocado Toast:

This trendy and healthy breakfast option is often served with toppings like poached eggs, smoked salmon, or feta cheese.

3- Plant-Based Cuisine:

Vancouver has a thriving vegan and vegetarian food scene, offering many plant-based dishes.

4- Korean Fried Chicken:

Korean-style fried chicken is known for its crispy texture and unique sauces.

5- Poké Bowls:

These Hawaiian-inspired bowls typically feature diced raw fish, rice, and a variety of toppings and sauces.

trending foods in Vancouver

6- Bubble Tea:

Vancouver is a classic favorite, with diverse bubble tea shops offering different flavors and toppings.

Top Bubble Tea Spots in Vancouver

  • @ki.teacafe
  • @cocoteayvr
  • @xingfutang_canada

7- Food Trucks:

Vancouver’s food truck scene is renowned, offering a variety of international cuisines, from tacos to gourmet burgers.

8- Farm-to-Table Dining:

Many restaurants in Vancouver focus on locally sourced, fresh, and sustainable ingredients.

9- Craft Beer:

Vancouver boasts a thriving craft beer scene, with many breweries offering unique and flavorful brews.

10- Ramen:

Japanese ramen shops are popular in Vancouver, serving rich broths and various toppings.

Top Japanese ramen shops in Vancouver

  • @maruhachi_canada
  • @taishokencanada
  • @ramengojiro
  • @kokoro_mazesoba

trending foods in Vancouver

11- Seafood:

Vancouver offers many fresh seafood options on the West Coast, including salmon, halibut, and Dungeness crab.

12- Dim Sum:

Enjoy traditional Chinese dim sum featuring a variety of small dishes and dumplings.

13- Indian Fusion:

Indian cuisine with a modern twist, often combining traditional flavors with contemporary presentation.

14- Tacos:

Vancouver has a growing taco scene, with Mexican and fusion-style tacos available.

15- Gourmet Doughnuts:

Artisanal doughnut shops offer creative and indulgent flavors.

16- Craft Cocktails:

Cocktail bars in Vancouver craft inventive and unique drinks focusing on high-quality ingredients.

clear cocktail glass with pink liquid inside

17- Hawaiian Shave Ice:

It is a refreshing and colorful treat, often topped with flavored syrups and condensed milk.

18- Ethnic Fusion Cuisine:

Restaurants that blend flavors from different global cuisines to create unique fusion dishes.

19- West Coast Cuisine:

Explore dishes that highlight the flavors of the Pacific Northwest, including salmon, spot prawns, and foraged ingredients.

20- Food Delivery Services:

The popularity of food delivery apps has made it easy to enjoy a variety of cuisines from the comfort of your home.

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21- Sustainable and Ocean-Friendly Eateries:

Vancouverites are increasingly conscious of sustainability, leading to the rise of restaurants committed to eco-friendly practices and seafood sustainability.

Vancouver is known to have the best food, and that is why you need to try these trending foods in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that food trends can change rapidly, so it’s a good idea to check local food blogs, websites, or social media for the latest trends and recommendations when visiting Vancouver.