ramen places in Vancouver

9 of the best ramen places in Vancouver you need to try at least once

Are you a ramen lover looking for the best places to get your noodle fix in Vancouver? From the best of the best to some lesser-known spots in Vancouver, you should try 9 of the best ramen places in Vancouver at least once.

Discover our favorite ramen places in Vancouver!

Ramen. Is there anything more comforting than slurping down a piping-hot bowl of ramen?

The perfect balance of savory broth and chewy noodles, topped with fresh veggies and meat, a slurp of delicious soup. Nobody does it better than Momofuku in New York City. Still, Vancouver has a collection of amazing ramen restaurants you must try!

Look no further! Here are 9 of the top-rated ramen joints in town that you need to try at least once:

1. Santouka Ramen

With many locations across Vancouver, this is one of the most popular spots for authentic Japanese ramen. Their signature shio and shoyu tonkotsu broths will have your taste buds singing!

Instagram: @ramen_santouka_robson

2. Kintaro Ramen

This cozy spot has been around since 1997, serving delicious bowls of pork bone broth with handmade noodles and toppings like char siu pork belly and soft-boiled eggs.

It’s worth checking out if you’re craving classic Tokyo-style ramen!

Instagram: @kintaro_vancouver

3. Ramen Taka

This restaurant is located in Richmond in the Aberdeen Centre. This third-best ramen place on our list offers an extensive menu featuring Asahikawa-style ramen with noodles made without eggs and minimal water! Yummm!

Instagram: @ramentaka.ca

4. Marutama Ra-Men

It is known for its creamy chicken paitan soup base made from free-range chickens raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Marutama has recently become a local favorite due to its high-quality ingredients and flavorful sauces used on each bowl they serve daily!

Instagram: @maruhachi_canada

5. Menya Kouji

If it’s a spicy food that gets your mouth watering, then look no further than Menya Kouji, located near Chinatown, where they specialize in fiery red miso-based soups topped off with ground beef mincemeat mixed into their noodles—not one for those who don’t take kindly to spice levels but still worth trying just once if only so you can say “I did it!”

6. Gyoza Bar

For something different yet equally tasty, why not head over to Gyoza Bar, which serves freshly made gyozas alongside hearty portions of steaming hot tonkatsu broth accompanied by housemade noodles?

Facebook: @gyozabarvan

7. Ramen Gojiro

For those who crave something more adventurous than traditional Japanese flavors, Ramen Gojiro should be on your list, offering creative twists on classic recipes like smoked duck breast flavored soy sauce base soup or even spicy Szechuan mala flavourful hot pot versions too!

Instagram: @ramengojiro
ramen places in Vancouver

8. Ramen Danbo

We have been here several times, and they provide entertainment, efficiency, and good food. All ages enjoy the dining experience!

Ramen Danbo is where you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and date nights; you name it!

Ramen Danbo offers classic ramen, shio ramen, miso ramen, and negi-goma (white sesame oil).

Address: 1333 Robson Street, Vancouver
Address: 1833 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram: @ramendanbo_ca

9. Taishoken Ramen

Perfect place for delicious Chinese food, always complete! Be sure to plan when you’re heading there.

The menu is vast. Standout menu items are their tomato cheese ramen and spicy garlic miso ramen.

The quick and efficient service makes it a perfect place for a perfect first date in Vancouver!

Address: 515 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @taishokencanada

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