ask your date to split the bill

3 Polite Ways To Ask Your Date To Split The Bill Without Making Things Awkward

It’s not always easy to come up with a way to ask your date to split the bill without making things awkward. You want to avoid making your date feel uncomfortable or like they need to “prove” that you’re not just trying to waste their time.

This article will show you 3 polite ways to ask your date if they want to split the bill and how it can avoid those discomfiting situations in the future.

Why would you ask Your Date To Split The Bill?

You’re not sure! There are many reasons why someone would want to split the bill, but the most common sense is that they don’t know how much things cost.

Many people on first dates or going out with new partners have no idea what a meal should cost. You may also be concerned about how much your date is spending on drinks, so you want to ensure they don’t go over budget!

You might be asking your date to split the bill because you want to ensure that both of you have a good time and that the night doesn’t cost you too much.

3 Polite Ways To Ask Your Date To Split The Bill Without Making Things Awkward

When you are on a date with someone new, and things start going well, you might think about asking them to split the bill. But what if you don’t know how your date might react? The last thing that you want is to come off as being pushy or rude. And if you ask the wrong way, it can make things uncomfortable between the two of you.

1- Bring It Up Before The Actual Date

The easiest way to go about it would be to bring it up early in the conversation before the two of you settle on going on a date. It can be easy if you have already talked to each other for a while or you’re online dating with this partner!

It won’t just make things less awkward on the actual date but would also help you both understand which school of thought you follow and where one comes from.

Still not sure how to express your opinion? Here is where the Masosa app comes from! You can ask your new friend to split the bill before even talking to each other!

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ask your date to split the bill

2- Use 8 question examples to ask your date to split the bill

1. “How do you feel about splitting the bill?”
2. “Should we split the bill?”
3. “Do you want to split the bill?”
4. “Let’s split the check.”
5. “I’ll get this one, but let’s share the cost next time.”
6. “How do you want to handle the bill?”
7. “Shall we share the cost of this meal?”
8. “I’m happy to pay for my meal, or we can share if you’d like.”

3- Alternate Paying

Another way could be to take care of the entire bill the first time while establishing how your date could take you out the next time.

This way, there won’t be a brawl between two people paying simultaneously, and your intentions would come across as much less offensive.

Also, a second date is guaranteed!

It’s no secret that splitting the bill can be uncomfortable. You don’t want to be the over-the-top person who insists on paying their fair share, but you also don’t want to be too shy and let someone else pay for everything.

Luckily, there are a few polite ways to follow, starting by joining us on Masosa now! Ready?

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