vegan restaurants in Vancouver

Best 5 vegan restaurants in Vancouver

Looking for what are the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver ? It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore veggie or dabbling with veganism. It’s tough to find great meat-free meals here because there are many choices; this means it can be hard to decide where to eat if you’re a vegetarian!

Vancouver is famous for its fresh seafood and Pacific Northwest fusion. But there’s another trend emerging in the culinary scene: the all-vegan gastropub. The vegan way of eating is no longer just for dogmatic fruitarians and bland vegans. It has expanded in recent years to include a range of tasty treats and yummy comfort foods. And with 2017 marking the International Year of Pulses (a group of edible seeds that includes beans, lentils, and chickpeas), dining out with vegan eatables – both in homemade dishes and restaurant fare – is only going to get more popular.

Why would you be interested in vegan restaurants in Vancouver ?

Eating fruits and vegetables shouldn’t only be a matter of food style that you follow. As a Masosa user, you might meet a person pursuing a diet, and you want to show a friendly hint when you order the same food like theirs.

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Best 5 vegan restaurants in Vancouver

To enjoy an unbelievable experience, we collected the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver for you.

1. Bandidas Taqueria

The Burrow is the new name of this spot; located in East Vancouver, BC, it serves up some of Vancouver’s most delicious vegan food. Our favorite menu items include Vegan Wings, The Burrow Smash Cocktail, and Vegan Breakfast Hash named the Willow Bowl.

The restaurant is vegan friendly with several gluten-free options. Most of the menu items provide various gluten-free options, are celiac friendly, and are good with other allergies.

Instagram: @theburrowrestaurant


vegan restaurants in Vancouver

2. The Acorn

The Acorn restaurant, Situated at 3995 Main St, is one of our absolute favorite spots when we’re in town. The menu features a wide variety of exceptional vegan dishes. Be sure to leave room for a cup of their delicious cocktails!
to let you know, the actress Julia Stiles just wrote the intro blurb for the Acorn’s first cookbook 😍

Instagram: @acornvancouver

3. Aleph Eatery

A Palestinian spot! This restaurant is passionate about recreating Middle Eastern flavors without using animal products.

This vegan restaurant is located at 1889 Powell Street. It adds a modern plant-based twist to create an unrestricted and borderless dining experience.

Instagram: @alepheatery

4. Bisou Bake House

This spot is quite different, but I felt I have to mention it as it’s well known in Vancouver!

Bisou Bake House is a wholesale bakery. It is the perfect spot to grab your favorite French bread with your friends and family.

As one of the vegan restaurants in Vancouver, their vegan menu has gluten-free options in sweet and savory dishes. Customers who prefer wheat-based products should check out this place.

Instagram: @bisoubakehouse

5. BeetBox

We love BeetBox because they are all about the weird stuff. They don’t just focus on traditional vegan food—they try to push the envelope and give their diners something unexpected.

BeetBox offers plant-based burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and sides like chili cheese fries, roasted broccoli with mushroom XO sauce, and more.

Address: 1074 Davie Street West End, Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @beetboxveg

Vancouver has an incredible food scene, but it’s even better if you’re a vegan. Whether you live here or are just visiting, it’s worth checking out the best 5 vegan restaurants in Vancouver we mentioned above.