Indian restaurants in Vancouver

Best 7 Indian Restaurants in Vancouver To Dine At

If you’re a fan of Indian food, there are a few things that you’ll appreciate about Vancouver. One thing is the scenery. The other is the choice of good restaurants. Vancouver is one of the best cities for Indian cuisine. You’re guaranteed to enjoy some great Indian takeout and sit-down options if you visit Vancouver and find yourself hungry at night. In this article, I will share my reviews of 9 different Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

I’ll give you some tips on choosing between them, and teach you how to eat like a local!

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Finding the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver is not an easy task. There are hundreds of Indian restaurants in Vancouver, and many of them offer similar comfort foods at different price points.

Some have great curry houses; others have extravagant buffet menus.

The one thing you can count on is that every single one will offer a buffet or sit-down meal with various Indian dishes, including some healthy options.

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Best 7 Indian Restaurants in Vancouver To Dine At

If you are lucky enough to live close to one of the great restaurants on my list, try them.

1) Vij’s Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant serves an eclectic mix of North and South Indian dishes from sourced ingredients.

Their menu features everything from curries to kabobs and their signature “Vij’s lamb popsicles.”

Instagram: @eatdrinkvijs

2) SULA Indian Restaurant

Located in Commercial Drive & Mount Pleasant. Since 2010, Sula has received many awards for its unique decor, traditional Indian preparations, and Mughal-inspired tandoori meat & vegetables in warm indoor garden-style seating!

Instagram: @sulaindianrestaurant

Indian restaurants in Vancouver


3) Palki Best In Taste

Palki offers both vegetarian food & non-vegetarian options. This restaurant specializes in north Indian cooking with rich, creamy sauces & flavorful spices. It is served over hot basmati rice or fresh naan bread straight out of the tandoor ovens!

Instagram: @palkirestaurantnvan


4) Dosa Factory

If it’s dosa (a savory crepe made from lentils and rice flour), look no further than The Dosa Factory located downtown at Robson Street, serving up all kinds of dosas filled with potatoes and spinach cheese if desired alongside sambar (lentil stew).

Facebook: @dosafactoryvan

5) Anh + Chi

Featuring Vietnamese/Indian fusion fare, Anh + Chi has become one of Yaletown’s most popular eateries.

Anh + Chi offers unique takes on classics like curry puffs and gobi Manchurian while incorporating local flavors into many dishes, making them extraordinary creations waiting to be sampled by curious diners who appreciate bold flavor combinations.

Instagram: @anhandchi

Indian restaurants in Vancouver

6 )Taste Of Punjab

A great place if you’re looking for traditional North Indian cuisine cooked using healthy methods without sacrificing flavor, including lots of garlic ginger chillis.

They are one of the few offerings of an all-you-can-eat buffet with Indian cuisine so that you can plan a visit with your squad for a special AYCE menu.

Instagram: @bombaykitchenandbar

7) Mumbai Local Restaurant

Mumbai Local Restaurant is a little Indian food spot on Davie near Thurlow—good ambiance, food, and staff. If you crave Mumbai’s street food, this is the place!


Vancouver is home to some exquisite restaurants. If you enjoy Indian cuisine, certain Vancouver restaurants should be at the top of your list for a great meal.

In compiling this list, it was interesting to note how much variety there was in Indian food in Vancouver. Some of these restaurants have specialty dishes from specific regions.

In contrast, others offer traditional dishes from India’s northern and southern areas.

These places are lovely but very different experiences for those who wish to try out Indian cuisine.