How to Start Socializing

Best 9 tips on How to Start Socializing

You go online to solve one of those social problems, and you find nothing. Hmmm… After a few minutes of searching (or seconds, whatever), your face might not show anger, but the question mark is just as visible. Now, I know the problem; you need some tips on how to start socializing again. You’re not alone!

Let’s be honest!

Social media can be daunting, can’t it? All of your friends post selfies and funny memes while you’re busy simulating the Uncanny Valley on your face.

As a highly social mammal that has been part of a complex social network since we split from Chimpanzees 2 million years ago -as some scientists said-this disparity between our need to interact socially and our skills in doing so is not natural.
Yet social anxiety is estimated to affect around a quarter of the population. It doesn’t discriminate between genders, classes, or ages.

What is socializing?

Socializing is the process of interacting with others to build relationships. It can involve talking, playing, or working together. Socializing helps us learn about others, develop friendships, and feel connected to our community.

Socializing can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know where to start, but it’s a necessary skill! Here are a few tips to help make it a little easier.

Best 9 tips on How to Start Socializing

1. Specify a social goal

Set one goal for yourself each day. Maybe you want to say “hi” to someone in line at the grocery store or introduce yourself to a friend of a friend at a party. Whatever it is, just set that one goal for yourself and do it!

2. Don’t do it alone

Find a partner in crime! You don’t have to do all of this alone. Ask a friend (or even a stranger) if they’ll work on their social skills with you—you can hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated.

3. Take baby steps

Try walking into stores and asking for a recommendation of something you need or want; this helps you find products that fit your needs and allows you to connect with someone new!

4. Attend activities

Choose an activity or group that interests you; this is a great way to meet people who share your interests and make friends in Vancouver. Whatever your interests are, there will be a social activity that appeals to you. Start meeting new people!

5. Go online

Join an online forum or group related to your hobby or interest; This is another excellent way to meet like-minded people and make friends with similar interests.

Where can you start? Join Masosa; lovely friends are waiting to invite you for a cup of coffee.

6. Start with whom you know

Go out with friends from school or work. Going out for drinks or dinner is less daunting than meeting new people cold turkey when you have already established friendships!

7. Join local groups

Try Meetup groups in your area. These are groups of people who get together based on shared welfare – everything from hiking and biking clubs to book clubs and wine tastings! Meeting in person can be so much more fun than talking online, plus you get the bonus of making new friends in your community.

How to Start Socializing

8. Don’t go so far

Attend local events and meetups related to what you like; This is another excellent way to meet new people in Vancouver and make friends with whom you have common interests.

9. Enjoy yourself

Don’t think about doing anything in return for the hosts; do it to have a good time. If you help out, be sure not to ask for anything back because that makes you look like “just another freeloader” and not a friend.

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