best destinations in the world for food

Vancouver: One of the best destinations in the world for food in 2023

Vancouver is a Canadian city named one of TripAdvisor’s best destinations in the world for food.

For food lovers, Vancouver is one of the top destinations in the world. The city boasts a wealth of excellent restaurants and various cuisines. Still, it’s not just about hole-in-the-wall joints or high-end chains: Vancouver has an abundance of good little joints worth exploring.

Why is Vancouver one of the best destinations in the world for food?

Many people think that Vancouver is only known for being beautiful, but that’s not the truth. It doesn’t matter where you go in this city, but everything you see looks fresh and new. We’ll tell you why Vancouver has been named one of the world’s best food destinations.

Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2023 “Best of the Best” awards puts Vancouver in 20th place – an incredible distinction considering the city lands just one place behind New York and in the company of global destinations known for food, like Rome and Paris.

What does TripAdvisor mean? is a travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information and posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content.

This website describes Vancouver: “Vancouver was founded as ‘Gastown’ by an Englishman with a penchant for beer and storytelling. Today, Gastown is a historic section of the Canadian metropolis, and the lively pubs still reflect the area’s former status as a community drinking center”.

Vancouver, in the eyes of the world

Recently, Vancouver’s gastronomic performance has been obtaining fantastic accolades.

A restaurant in Vancouver was evaluated to be the top eating place in Canada by Yelp users this year; a local Italian eatery was proclaimed one of the greatest in the world, as well as Michelin, giving its nod to numerous Vancouver restaurants.

If you wish to experience what Vancouver’s most delectable restaurants have to provide, now is a great time to do so.

The Dine Out Vancouver Festival continues until February 5, when you can avail of discounted three-course meals.

The city even holds a Hot Chocolate Festival, which lasts until February 14— a fantastic period!

There’s no denying that this metropolis can assemble excellent food, drink, and atmosphere.

Whether a resident or tourist, let flavor be your tour director as you indulge through British Columbia.

best destinations in the world for food

Top Michelin-Starred restaurant in Vancouver

According to Michelin:

  1. One star means “worth a stop.”
  2. Two stars indicate “worth a detour.”
  3. Three stars represent “worth a special journey.”

The 2022 Vancouver restaurant selection was based on five criteria:

  1. Quality products.
  2. The harmony of flavors.
  3. Mastery of cooking techniques.
  4. The personality of the chef in the cuisine.
  5. Consistency between each visit (each restaurant is inspected twice a year).

For the 2022 debut of the Vancouver guide, 8 restaurants received a single Michelin Star.

Here is the complete list:

  1. AnnaLena (one star)
  2. Barbara (one star)
  3. Burdock & Co (one star)
  4. iDen & QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House (one star)
  5. Kissa Tanto (one star)
  6. Masayoshi (one star)
  7. Published on Main (one star)
  8. St. Lawrence (one star)

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best destinations in the world for food

Further Awards:

  • Michelin Service Award: Chef Michael Isidro – Kissa Tanto
  • Sommelier of the Year: Jayton Paul – Published on Main
  • Exceptional Cocktail Award: Grant Sceney & Jeff Savage – Botanist

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