bubble tea spots in Vancouver

11 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Vancouver To meet your Masosa friend

If you’re looking for the best bubble tea spots in Vancouver, look no further. I’ve compiled a list of some of my top picks so that you don’t have to go searching on their own.

Many other sites list the best bubble tea places in Vancouver, but they all focus on one or two things.

A mix of food and drinks is hard to find when it comes down to finding a yummy place to get your fix (like cafeteria-style seating and good drinks in Vancouver).

Bubble tea is one of Vancouver’s hottest food trends. This is because it combines the sweet taste of milk tea with fruity bubbles tea flavors like lychees and raspberries.

Bubble tea has many incarnations, from traditional cream teas to delectable fruit sorbets.

You can’t go wrong with bubble tea in Vancouver—finding your preferred flavor (or discovering a new one)!

11 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Vancouver To meet your Masosa friend

There are many bubble tea shops in Vancouver, but luckily we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top 11 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Vancouver.

From classic milk teas to creative concoctions, these cafes have something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors or are feeling adventurous, there’s sure to be something that will meet your cravings.

1) Boba Boy

This spot has all kinds of delicious boba creations, and their matcha milk teas are delicious!

Instagram: @bobaboypanorama

2) Gong Cha

They offer an extensive menu with many unique flavor combinations to make any boba lover happy.

Instagram: @gongchacanada

3) CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

They specialize in bubble tea and smoothies, and juices, too, so it’s a great place if you’re looking for variety.

Instagram: @cocoteaontario

4) Sharetea

A popular chain from Taiwan with over 500 locations worldwide, one worth checking out if you want authentic Taiwanese-style bubble teas made with high-quality ingredients like tapioca pearls and natural fruit juice concentrates.

Instagram: @shareteabc

bubble tea spots in Vancouver

5) Chatime

Another well-known international chain serving incredible drinks, including their signature “Chatime Milk Cap,” features layers of toppings such as pudding and jelly cubes on top of a creamy latte base – yum!

Instagram: @chatimecanada

6) The Alley

Specializing mainly in brown sugar series beverages (think caramelized brown sugar lattes topped off with chewy tapioca balls), this place is perfect if sweet treats tickle your fancy.

Instagram: @thealley.ca

7) Kung Fu Tea

Their selection includes classic favorites and more creative options like mango green apple slushie or taro red bean frappe.

Instagram: @kungfuteavancouver

8) Ki Cafe

This spot offers specialty bubble tea drinks like fresh oolong milk, Taiwanese fresh milk, matcha azuki, and icy bingsoo.

Instagram: @ki.teacafe

9) Chatto Tea and Coffee

Chatto, a minimalist Malaysian Brand drinks store, brings Malaysia to Vancouver!

Instagram: @chatto.ca

10) Momono Tea Shop

Momono features tea drinks made with brewed tea with premium tea leaves, fresh milk, and fresh fruits.

Instagram: @momonoteashop

bubble tea spots in Vancouver

11) Baroness

Baroness is the bubble tea hot spot in town, a brand originating from Taipei. Most of their ingredients are supplied straight from Taiwan!

Instagram: @baronesscanada

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about eleven of my favorite bubble tea spots in Vancouver.

Whether it’s a hot day and you’re looking for a refreshing beverage or prefer a healthy snack, Vancouver has plenty of places to choose from.

Pick one of the best bubble tea spots in Vancouver, find a match in Masosa, and invite him/her for a drink!

Let me know if you like any other bubble tea spots in the city. I would be happy to try them out!