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Why does Dating without Social Media work?

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones and scrolling through social media. It can be addicting, and sometimes it’s hard to break away. But what if you applied that same dedication to your love life? What about dating without social media ?

It’s funny how you can date someone for weeks and still not know their Instagram username or Facebook friend count. It’s the 21st century, and almost everyone has an excellent public profile. But does that mean that you should consider dating someone who spends too much of their time on social media networks? No matter how funny your profile pic is sometimes, it’s best to hide it from the people you’re close with. So if you’re wondering about the too many social media out there, take a look at 4 things you should know about dating someone without a social media account.

Why do some people prefer dating without social media ?

So you’ve met someone online… that’s exciting!

But what if they don’t have any social media accounts?

Should you be concerned?

Well, it could mean a few things. They might not want to share their personal life with the rest of the world—which is pretty reasonable. Or they might just be old-fashioned and prefer a more private lifestyle. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with them having no social media accounts.

Many people these days use social media a lot, and it is not something that makes relationships stronger. How could you date someone and trust them if they are always sitting behind the screen?!

Why does Dating without social media work?

It might seem daunting at first, but give it a try! You may enjoy dating more when you’re not glued to your phone screen.

Dating without social media can be a great way to focus on finding someone special. You’ll have more time for conversations, getting to know each other, and going out on dates! Plus, you won’t be distracted by pictures or posts from your friends.

Just take precautions before meeting up in person, like telling someone where you’ll be meeting, who you’ll be meeting with, and when you expect to return. If this person has been respectful and kind so far, then it’s likely your first date will go well!

What’s behind dating a person who doesn’t have social media?

If you’ve ever considered dating someone without a social media account, you know that the prospect can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Ultimately, though, it’s totally up to you whether or not it’s worth it.

The pros:

1) They have to prove themselves personally. People who don’t use social media are often more in tune with their own thoughts and feelings. If they like you, they’ll spend time with you and show you how they feel by being present.

2) You’ll get to know them better through face-to-face interactions. Without access to accounts that display all of their past relationships and judgment calls, you’ll be able to form an opinion of them based on your own experiences.

dating without social media

3) If you’re dating someone who doesn’t have social media, it means that they don’t need to be validated by other people’s opinions—including yours.

4) It also means that they are confident enough to stay in their own lane. Sure, they may not know what’s happening with the Kardashians 24/7, but they might also be less distracted.

What do you think now? Will you date someone who doesn’t have a social media account?

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