donut spots in Vancouver

15 delicious donut spots to check out in Vancouver

You love donuts, and you’re in Vancouver? Then it’s time to start checking out some of these 7 delicious donut spots in Vancouver.

Review the list and get your weekend off to a fun start by warming up after your stresses and strains at work with a delicious (and guilt-free) donut!

Vancouver can be a bit of a foodie smorgasbord, with top-notch restaurants and casual eateries scattered throughout the city.

When it comes to donut shops, Vancouver has lots of options. From classic Koons to fun options like Glazed and Confused and Voodoo, there’s a donut shop for any mood or group size.

If you love donuts as much as we do, our list of 7 delicious donut spots in and around Vancouver below should make your mouth water.

7 delicious donut spots to check out in Vancouver

1. Lucky’s Doughnuts

Located on Main Street in Vancouver, this place has all kinds of unique creations like Maple Bacon Bars and Coconut Cream Donuts. Plus, they have vegan options too!

Instagram: @luckysdoughnuts

2. Cartems Donuterie

This trendy spot is located near Gastown. It offers classic flavors and creative concoctions like London Fog or Salted Caramel Chocolate Chipotle Donuts. They also serve coffee with snack-time treats if you need an extra caffeine boost!

Instagram: @cartemsdonuts

3. Glazed & Confused

You can find this famous shop in Kitsilano. They specialize in artisanal doughnuts made from scratch daily using fresh ingredients sourced locally when possible (they even make their jams!). From classics to seasonal specials, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

Instagram: @glazedandconfusedonuts

donut spots in Vancouver

4. Lee’s Donuts

This family-run business has been making fabulous treats since 1979 at its original location on Commercial Drive. Still, it has several locations across the Lower Mainland, including one downtown by Waterfront Station that serves up hot mini-doughnuts right off the fryer—yummmm!!


5 . The Salvation Army Community Bakery

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, check out The Salvation Army Community Bakery, which sells freshly made glazed doughnuts every morning starting at 9 am sharp (and usually sells out, so get there early)!

Not only will it save you money, but proceeds will go towards supporting those who need help within our community–it’s a win/win situation 🙂

6 . Mello

Mello has opted for a specific type of donut- brioche- a relatively new name in the city, and essentially all the filled versions.

Address: 223 East Pender Street
Instagram: @mellovancouver

7. Outpost Mini Donuts

Outpost is one of the cutest little shops serving up all these little delights few can defy. Their super adorable mini donuts are crispy, soft, and topped with surgery delights or velvety creams that will leave you swooning.

Address: 110-12240 Second Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 3L8
Instagram: @outpostminidonuts

Extra 8 delicious donut spots in Vancouver to try this month

To sum up, Vancouver’s donut scene is thriving to the point where you can’t go wrong with any establishment that catches your eye. But if we had to choose a few extra spots for you to check out, it would probably be these:

  1. Breka Bakery
  2. Duffin’s Donuts
  3. Swiss Bakery
  4. Cartems
  5. Mochido
  6. Honey Doughnuts & Goodies
  7. Cartems Donuterie
  8. Their There

As we’ve already established, donuts are a big deal in Vancouver. Visiting suitable shops is essential if you want your donut experience to be authentic.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into this world of sugary goodness, make sure you do at least a few things on our list!

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