Etiquette Rules for Restaurants

Etiquette Rules for Restaurants That You Need to Follow

We’ve covered you if you’re new to the restaurant scene or looking to improve your dining etiquette. Here are 8 essential etiquette rules for restaurants that will help you avoid embarrassing blunders.

Why are people interested in learning etiquette rules for restaurants?

Does it feel like everyone’s got their noses in the air these days? Are you surprised?

But it’s nothing compared to how much more insight you’re getting these days. That’s why the phrase “patronizing” recently became my vocabulary.

I never considered it a harsh word before, but now, I’m looking over my shoulder to see if someone is watching me. That’s not normal — and with all this information flooding into our lives about how other people should act and what we should say, it can be hard to know where your boundaries lie.

Because of this, many people no longer respect authority figures or emotional outbursts from others who may not be able to handle them.

Regardless of where you stand on this issue (and we do get emotional), let us take a gander at 9 etiquette rules for restaurants that need to be followed so that everyone can enjoy their food without being too afraid of giving their order incorrect (it happens).

Etiquette Rules for Restaurants That You Need to Follow

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your meal and avoid any potential embarrassment.

1. Make sure your phone is silent or vibrate before entering the restaurant. There’s nothing ruder than having a conversation interrupted by a ringing telephone.

2. When you’re at a restaurant, keep your voice down. Nothing is more embarrassing than yelling across the table at your dining partner or asking for the check and then interrupting a conversation between two other people.

Etiquette Rules for Restaurants

3. Don’t be rude with food—it’s not a matter of etiquette. It’s also good manners! If you don’t like something on your plate, don’t eat it or ask your waiter to send it back.

4. Be polite when ordering at restaurants—don’t loudly order your food over the person next to you’s shoulder or in front of your face!

5. Once seated, place your napkin in your lap immediately. Take your time with the food arrives!

6. If you’re smoking, ask for permission from staff before lighting up (if smoking is allowed at the establishment). Also, be considerate of others and smoke away from tables where people are eating.

7. When paying for things (like drinks), put down your card first and wait until everyone else has theirs out before paying.

8. Say “thank you” when someone offers to pay for your meal, even if they didn’t have to do it.

Nine things to stop doing at a Restaurant right now!

1. Do not talk while eating

2. Do not eat anything that has been touched by someone else

3. Do not ask for any food or drink when you are already full of food and/or drink

4. Do not talk about other people’s food or drinks with other people when they are eating them

5. Refrain from arguing with wait staff about the quality of their service, even if you don’t get what you ordered.

6. Do not make jokes about anyone’s race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation (even if it is funny).

Etiquette Rules for Restaurants

7. Don’t be rude to your server, even if they’re rude.

8. Don’t take other people’s drinks without asking, even if it’s water! And don’t get any drinks for anyone else unless they ask for one, too—especially wine! This is especially important if you’re younger than 21 years old or if the drink is alcoholic (like beer).

9. Avoid rushing through an order or meal–take as much time as you need to enjoy every bite!

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