1. What is Masosa about?

Meet Masosa – an easy-to-use app to make friends and stay sociable wherever you are. Get ready for new experiences and exciting meetups with same-minded people, and all this is just a couple of clicks away from you. Download Masosa app, and start your make-new-friends journey now!

2. Can I arrange a date through Masosa app?

Sure thing. However, our app is mainly created to help you build connections, expand your network and make friends. Meet up in exciting places whenever you are traveling or simply willing to meet new people in your area.

3. Why should I go for Masosa instead of other apps to make friends?

Our ultimate meet-new-people app is not like other networking platforms. When arranging a meetup on Masosa, you will be able to choose your favorite place among dozens or even hundreds of options in your area. Moreover, our app allows to decide beforehand who is going to pay the bill – you, your new friend or both of you in order to avoid any misunderstandings during your meetup, as easy as that.

4. How do I invite someone for a meetup?

First and foremost, you need to create a profile on Masosa. When you open the app, choose any preferred method of signup, fill out your personal data such as your name, gender, date of birth and experiences (interests or areas of expertise), and you are all ready to find someone to meet up with! Scroll through the people in your area and invite someone whom you like the most for a meetup. Nothing can be easier than meeting new people with Masosa app.

5. Will I be able to send private messages to my new friend?

Absolutely. As soon as they accept your invitation, you will have an opportunity to message them in order to arrange the time, meeting point and any other details of your upcoming meetup.

6. Can I choose my favorite restaurant as a meetup place?

Our app offers numerous meetup places such as restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in your area. If your favorite place is not on our list, we are sure that you will find something that fits both of you. We are always adding new places to our list, so stay tuned!

7. Do I need to pay the bill if I invite someone to a meetup?

Not necessarily. You can choose the payment option when you create an invitation for your new friend – pay the bill on your own, ask them to pay the full bill or split the bill. This is how you can avoid any confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to paying the bill at your meetup place.

8. What are the perks of the Premium Account?

Send unlimited inventions 

Request unlimited inventions

Massage Status

Back in match

Hide Age

Hide Location

Hide Ads

9. Do I have to look for people with similar interests?

Not at all! If you are willing to meet a person with different interests and looking for new experiences, then find someone who will give you a brand new outlook on the world.

10. Is the app available for free? Can I download it now?

The app is free. However, some features may need a premium account to take advantage of them. The app will be released soon on the Store.You can now sign up to be on the waiting list and wait for the launch notification. The reason is to get the best possible value.