how to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself on the Masosa app?

A few weeks back, we launched Masosa to help you meet new people nearby and start socializing. Today, we’ll review how you can do this, with some detail on how to introduce yourself on the Masosa app.

How to introduce yourself on the Masosa app before the meetup?

Welcome to Masosa! We’re so excited you’ve decided to join our community. Introducing yourself is the first step in connecting with other users and getting the most out of your experience on Masosa. Here are some tips for introducing yourself:

1. Make sure you include a profile picture

It helps others put a face to your name and makes it easier for them to recognize you when they see your request or messages later on.

2. Write an exciting bio

That tells people about who you are, your interests or hobbies, and why they should connect with you. It can be brief so that people can get an idea of who is behind each invitation or request they receive from you!

3. Have A Clear Purpose

Make sure that whatever brings someone to Masosa resonates through your introduction; let them know why YOU have chosen this platform and what kind of content or conversations they should expect from connecting with you here on the app!

This way, both parties involved can get something out of their interactions together (if there’s mutual interest).

Remember that Masosa isn’t a dating app. It’s where you can connect with someone and then meet them at a coffee shop or restaurant…!

4. Scroll the profiles

Start matching by picking people related to topics or hobbies that interest you – this will help increase the probability of getting a match among like-minded individuals.

After getting a match and choosing who will pay the bill, you will be ready for an exciting meetup.

how to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself on the Masosa app after MATCHING?

1) Start with a friendly greeting

Before you dive into your introduction, start by saying hello and welcoming the other person into the conversation. This will help set the tone of your post and give others an idea of what kind of person you are.

Remember that you can only start messaging people on Masosa once you get a match. Choose where to eat and who will pay, and send your request!

2) Be honest

People appreciate honesty, so don’t be afraid to share who you are! Tell them about your interests, hobbies, or anything else that makes up who you are – this helps create meaningful conversations that could lead somewhere special in time!

3) Ask questions

Asking questions is always encouraged when meeting new people online; it shows that you’re interested in getting to know someone better and encourages others to participate in discussions with their own thoughts & opinions too!

Learn which questions you should avoid on your first meetup!

4) Share something unique

Everyone has something unique they bring to the table that makes them stand out; why not use this opportunity to showcase one (or more!) things about yourself?

It could be anything from a favorite hobby or skill set – remember to keep it lighthearted yet attractive enough for others to want to learn more about what sets YOU apart from everyone else πŸ™‚

Up to 03 February 2023, 700 users joined Masosa app after its launch on 23/01/23. We are excited to make our community bigger worldwide.

We hope these tips have been helpful as you introduce yourselves on Masosa App– we wish all our users the best of luck making meaningful connections here at Masosa πŸ’•.