Intellectual Property

A trademark can be described as a word, phrase, symbol, or design that distinguishes the source of the goods or services.

Listed below is a list of trademarks and service marks owned by Masosa App Ltd and its affiliates related to the Masosa App Ltd brand.

You will need the express authorization of Masosa App Ltd to use any of the below trademarks. In the event that you are granted permission, you must use the below trademarks in publications distributed only in Canada and must include the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on at least the first use and on those subsequent uses where the marks appear prominently. The use of the ™ is acceptable for publications distributed outside of Canada. Instead of the trademarks, trademark legends in the forms listed below is also acceptable.

Sample trademark legends:

For registered trademarks: Masosa is the exclusive registered trademark of Masosa App Ltd, and is used with permission.

For unregistered trademars: Masosa is the exclusive trademark of Masosa App Ltd, and is used with permission.

Masosa logos: Please, indicate that the logos are copyright-protected for the Masosa logos. This can be done through either the combination symbol “™&© Masosa App Ltd” or the following legend (in addition to the above trademark legend):

Copyright [year of first publication] Masosa App Ltd. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The omission of a product, service name or logo from the below list does not constitute a waiver of any trademark or other intellectual property rights related to that product, name or logo.

If you see a website or app that uses a Masosa App Ltd trademark inappropriately, kindly inform us. Kindly report inappropriate use of any of Masosa App Ltd trademarks to

Trademarks and Service Marks