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How to use the Masosa app to invite new friends in Vancouver?

Taking the initiative to invite new friends in Vancouver , besides not waiting around, hoping they will invite you out first is essential to start a social life.

But some of you may say: I am unsure how to invite new friends to hang out!
This article will provide the easiest and fastest way to invite your new friends in Vancouver. 

Before sharing this great solution with you, let me explain how to avoid this unsureness situation.

Don’t stress extensively.

Suppose you are new to inviting people out. In that case, you will worry about getting rejected and being seen as creepy or hopeless if they don’t react to your invitation in the exact right way.

The solution for that stress is quickly researching the person you are contacting. Knowing his or her interests, what she likes, what she doesn’t like… All that will help you choose the correct form of inviting a new friend.

For example, you want to invite a girl called ‘Natalie’; you know that she likes coffee a lot.
The easiest way to start a conversation, which will end by inviting her, is to ask:
Hello Natalie, I noticed you love coffee. Will you suggest your best coffee shop in Vancouver for me?

Of course, Natalie won’t refuse to help you, and she will answer with a coffee shop name.

Next time, maybe after 1 or 2 weeks, you get back to Natalie thanking her for the fantastic suggestion. As a friendly act, you’ll invite her for a cup of coffee.

That’s it, easy, quick, and professional!

No awkward situations, no stress, no rejection!

You may now ask me the BIG questions: Where TO FIND ‘NATALIE’? How to know WHAT SHE LIKES?
And here, I am going to share with you the solution I previously noted: The MASOSA app.

The example above was for the normal apps, but while using the Masosa up, you won’t need to ask for help first.

All you are going to do is directly send your invitation, as the other person may be waiting to be invited 😉

Your new friends’ app Masosa helps you:

  1. Interact with people.
  2. Invite new friends in Vancouver.
  3. Know their interests.
  4. The best feature of this app is the ability to decide who pays the bill in advance.

How to use the Masosa app to invite new friends in Vancouver?

Join us on Masosa now, it’s available on the app store!

3 steps you need to do after we launch the app:

  1. Download it from the app store.
  2. Install it.
  3. Sign up.

The Masosa app lets you know people you have never met in Vancouver, or they can be people you already know. But never get the chance to share a meal with!

Once you set up your profile:

Send the invites out after you choose your favorite place from the map inside the Masosa app!
If your new friends prefer another location, they can mention that too. 

From here, you can decide who pays the bill. Will it be you, them, or will you split it? 

I recommend you propose to pay the bill, mainly if you used our method with your ‘Natalie.’ 😄

invite new friends in Vancouver

Where can we meet?

As I mentioned before, you can choose a location using our map.
Next article, I will share the Best place to invite your new friend in Vancouver . 

At the beginning of your friendship, it’s best to meet at cafes and restaurants, as it’s your first meetup.
After the first one, you can decide where you’d like to meet next time.

How can you start the conversation in your first meetup?

Direct answer: Just Avoid silence!

Studies show it takes four seconds of awkward silence to get too anxious during a conversation. 
That’s why we added the text messaging feature on the Masosa app; at least you can start a quick online conversation before the actual meetup.

Remember: The more anxious you feel, the less articulate you’ll be!

Join the Masosa app now to invite new friends in Vancouver !

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