La Poutine Week

9 Vancouver restaurants to participate in La Poutine Week on February

Let’s Let’s go! La Poutine Week is back for the 11th edition.

And, as good news never comes alone, the festival will again be held for TWO weeks.

So you’ll have plenty of time to stock up on fries, cheese, and gravy. Yum!

When: Wednesday, February 1st to Tuesday, February 14th

What is La Poutine Week?

Suppose this is the first time you’ve heard about La Poutine Week. In that case, you need to know that restaurants across the country, from the West Coast to the East Coast, will participate in the festival by marking up and showing their best versions of the traditional Canadian plate.

What is Poutine?

The word “Poutine” comes from a QuΓ©bΓ©cois slang word meaning “mess.”!!!

The old story said that when a client ordered cheese curds with the fries, the restaurant owner exclaimed, “Γ‡a va faire une maudite poutine” or “that will make a d**n mess.”

But now it becomes! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of French fries and cheese curds. All slathered in gravy.

It was created in the 1950s and is most strongly associated with Quebec.

Etiquette Rules for Restaurants

The traditional poutine recipe

Traditional poutine comprises a simple trio of ingredients: French fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Sound easy to make?

The quality of these ingredients(Fries, Cheese) and the overall implementation make the difference between a greasy, uninspiring mess and a bit of wonderfully indulgent convenience food.


1. It will be possible to treat yourself to poutines from the festival for two weeks, from February 1 to 14, 2023.

2. The festivities are wider than Montreal; oh no! There are also participating restaurants in Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, and many more!

3. Poutine Week poses a significant challenge for restaurants. Each must create a unique (and completely gourmet) poutine for the occasion. Classic, creative, and daring, all the options are suitable for recreating one of our national dishes.

4. Festival-goers also have their share of work to do! Indeed, the organization asks its great tasters to share their experiences on social media and vote for their favorite poutine via the Poutine Week website.

Here are the 9 spots you can check out in Vancouver during La Poutine Week this year:, the event organizer, announced participating restaurants for this year’s event. Nine Vancouver spots will be dishing up their most pleasing versions of our favorite Canadian food.

La Poutine Week

In Vancouver:

1- Fable Bar – Holiday Poutine ($14)
Where: 755 Richards Street
Instagram: @fabledinerbar

2- Johnnie Fox’sFox’s – Chicken Fillet Poutine ($13)
Where: 1601 Main Street
Instagram: @johnniefoxsirishpub

3- Stanley’sStanley’s Bar & Grill – Double Duck Poutine ($17)
Where: 610 Pipeline Road
Instagram: @stanleysbargrill

4- Vancouver Aquarium – Signature Braised Beef Shortrib Poutine ($16)
Where: 845 Avison Way
Instagram: @vanaqua

5- Five Star Fried Chicken LTD – Cheesy Chicken Poutine ($10.99)
Where: 555 West 12th Avenue #29-A
Facebook: @FIve-Star-Fried-Chicken

6- Blaze Gourmet Burgers – Blaze Beef N’N’ Bacon Poutine ($15.95)
Where: 43 East 5th Avenue
Instagram: @blazegourmetburgers

7- Fable Diner – Sunny Breakfast Poutine ($16)
Where: 151 East Broadway
Instagram: @fablediner

8- Chirpyhut Fried Chicken – Popcorn Chicken Poutine ($16.99)
Where: 3088 Cambie Street
Instagram: @chirpyhut_vancouver

9- FryWay 87 – Black Pepper Beef Poutine ($18.99)
Where: 3088 Cambie Street

Around Vancouver:

1- Crown and Anchor Roadhouse – Crown Loaded Poutine ($18.95)
Where: 6120 Island West Highway, Qualicum Beach

2- The Ridge Roadhouse – Dill Pickle Poutine ($13.99)
Where: 397 Donner Court, Gold River
Facebook: @TheRidgeRoadhouse

You can review the whole list on La Poutine Week’s website and find out the dishes each restaurant will offer.