Men you should avoid in a relationship

9 Types of Men You Should Avoid in a Relationship

You don’t want to fall victim to dating a jerk or loser — but what I’m about to tell you should make you sit up straight and pay attention. They are not only bad news but can also cause problems in your relationship. Keep reading if you have been dealing with one of these men and want to bypass them the next time.
Avoiding a man is easy. It’s within your power to turn men off with just a little strategic thinking. There are nine types of men you should avoid in a relationship , but you need the correct information to make sure you don’t end up causing yourself any problems.

9 Types of Men You Should Avoid in a Relationship

One way a person can tell if they are in a relationship with somebody unsuitable is by evaluating the types of men they are attracted to.

Men can be hard to handle, but keeping your eyes on the prize is essential.

1. The clingy guy.

He’ll call you daily and send texts starting with “Hey.” He’ll want to see you always and won’t stop talking about how much he loves you. This guy is not going anywhere, so don’t waste your time trying to get rid of him!

2. The needy guy.

He asks when your next paycheck is coming in or how much you make at your job. He then wants more money from you! If someone cares about you—and if they’re asking for money or spending time with you because they think it will make them happy—then maybe this isn’t the best person for your life right now!

3. The emotionally unavailable.

The “best friend” type treats women as disposable objects instead of actual people with feelings who deserve love and respect just like everyone else does (but sometimes don’t get it from their own significant other). They might seem like a great guy at first, but this is one of the men you should avoid in a relationship from the beginning!

4. The Player.

They’ll say anything to get what they want and don’t care about the person they’re talking to.

5. The Sucker.

They’re always looking for love in the wrong places and have a long list of exes who can attest to that fact.

Men you should avoid in a relationship

6. The Clinger.

You might think they’re the one you want to be with, but once they get their hooks in you, it’s over—they won’t let go quickly!

7. The Loner.

They want everyone to know that “it’s just me and my thoughts,” but when it comes time for them to show up and pick up the pieces after a breakup, there’s nothing there for them anymore either!

8. The Narcissist.

They’ll talk about how great everything is but keep their flaws under wraps until it’s too late anyway because no one wants to hear about their problems either way!

9. The Jealous Guy.

He doesn’t want you to hang out around other guys or even have your own social life.

It’s no secret that a relationship is a two-way street. You can’t just expect your partner to be perfect, and you can’t expect them to always make the right decisions for you.

You must be careful about who you let into your life because we all know how hard it is to find someone who understands and loves us for who we are. And if someone you’re dating isn’t doing their best to respect your boundaries? They might not be someone you want in your life.

Remember those 9 types of men you should avoid in a relationship and be clear about what you need in your future partner!