International restaurants in Vancouver

Most authentic international restaurants in Vancouver

If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver shortly, there’s no better way to explore the city than through its food.
Although there are many options for eating out in the town, we’ve narrowed down a list of nine top-rated international restaurants in Vancouver.

The story of Vancouver food!

Vancouver is a festive, welcoming, and enjoyable city to live in. The multicultural lifestyle is the lifeblood of this city, and its residents take pride in their contributions.

As a result, Vancouver has earned the title of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

It’s a cultural melting pot with a fascinating history that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Most authentic international restaurants in Vancouver

From classic Italian to exotic Asian fusion, these eateries have something for everyone’s taste buds.

If you’re craving Italian cuisine, head to La Quercia, where they serve traditional pasta dishes with a modern twist.

Why not to check Kissa Tanto?

Located inside Chinatown’s historic Tokyo Hotel building, critics across Canada have praised this Italian eatery since its opening in 2014.

They offer Neapolitan pizza, handmade pasta, antipasti platters & cocktails crafted from local ingredients.

Or, if your preference is French-style cooking, then visit Le Crocodile, which offers an impressive menu of classic bistro fare and seafood specialties.

International restaurants in Vancouver

Top 5 French food spots in Vancouver!

  1. @au_comptoir
  2. @provencemarinaside
  3. @julesbistro
  4. @lecrocodilerestaurant
  5. @alouetteyvr

For those who love Japanese cuisine, there is Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen & Bar, which serves fresh sushi, sashimi, and other creative dishes like their signature ramen bowls or tempura platters.

Also, Tojo’s is on the list! An award-winning Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi and other classic dishes like tempura and teriyaki chicken. It’s worth checking out if you’re craving some delicious Japanese cuisine!

And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try some authentic Indian flavors at Vij’s Rangoli Restaurant or Mexican delights from El Camino’s Cantina?

There are also plenty of options for Chinese food lovers, such as Kirin Seafood Restaurant or Golden Swan Chinese Cuisine, which offer dim sum selections alongside their more traditional fare like kung pao chicken and chow mein noodles, respectively.

Top 5 Chinese food spots in Vancouver!

  1. @mott32van
  2. @tastechangan
  3. @landmarkhotpot
  4. @thefirstdessert
  5. @feelcitybbq

International restaurants in Vancouver

Finally, don’t forget about the great selection of Middle Eastern restaurants in town, including Nuba Lebanese Kitchen, which serves tasty falafel sandwiches along with other Mediterranean favorites, plus Shawarma King, offering shawarma plates piled high with juicy grilled meats served on fluffy flatbreads topped off by creamy garlic sauce – yum!

Top 5 Middle Eastern restaurants in Vancouver!

  1. Nuba
  2. Afghan Horsemen Restaurant
  3. East Is East
  4. Delara
  5. Aleph Middle Eastern Eatery

Check out one of these international restaurants for those looking to expand their culinary horizons and experience something new.

Whether you’re craving Italian, Mexican food, or fancy upscale French fare, there’s something here for whatever you’re hungry.

So come one come all – it doesn’t matter what type of global cuisine tickles your fancy because Vancouver has got it all covered when it comes to tantalizing tastes from around the world!

You can always go right trying new places, so get out there and try them all! If you want to save time, research the best options in Vancouver. This will help make your job easier.

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