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How does Masosa protect you from 3 Online Dating Scams?

Millions of people are using social media and dating sites. It’s straightforward to fall into mindless conversations and find online dating scams victims.

While many of them are looking for love, romance, and companionship with new friends, unfortunately, others are out there looking to take advantage of online daters.

You can be in contact with new people every day, either through email, text, or video calls, or even see them in real life.

They seem like the real deal, but you can never know if they are being honest!

Making yourself aware of all the tried-and-tested red flags when it comes to online dating scams will make you more equipped to recognize and avoid them.

More importantly, keep your heart protected from getting hurt!

How does Masosa protect you?

You need to figure out that scams target everyone before showing how Masosa provides a secure system for all its users.

There’s no one group of people who are more likely to become a victim of scammers, all of us may be vulnerable to fraud at some time!

They are getting smarter while using the new technology to create believable stories. That; will convince you to give them your money or personal details.

Meanwhile, this technology is also the key to protecting yourself!


Going back to Masosa, our app provides a secure system for its users as it’s, first of all, an approved application with a known policy that any user can read&understand.

3 Mean steps to protect you on Masosa

1- Technology safety

We provided 3 essential pages that you need to check on every site or app you use.

2- Direct users

Masosa is for people who live in Vancouver, which helps us filter millions of people. The users can be people who already knew each other but never had the chance to meet.

The app’s goal is to help those friends meet in a public and secure place to share a meal or a cup of coffee.

3- No chatting goal

As with other dating apps, everything starts with a Hello message! But with Masosa, you put on your mind that, for example, tomorrow you are planning to get your morning coffee at @pradocafe, but you are willing to share it with a new person.

Here, you jump to Masosa and look for that person!

After you agree about the meetup (only by deciding who’s going to pay), you can then say Hello!

How to avoid online dating scams ?

Read the site or app’s privacy policies.

Though long and complex, privacy policies tell you how the site protects the personal information it collects. If you don’t see or understand a site’s privacy policy, consider moving elsewhere.

3 Online Dating Scams

You’re trying to find a meaningful relationship, but are you being taken advantage of by online scammers?

Let us now break down the 3 most common online dating scams you can avoid on social media or dating apps/sites.

1. Scammers promise love quickly.

The first sign of an online dating scam is when a romance scammer quickly expresses strong emotions.

2. Scammers claim to need money for emergencies

If you encounter one of these storylines when you’re talking to a new love interest on the internet, there’s a good chance they’re scamming you!

3. Scammers want to meet somewhere secluded

Someone who insists on meeting at their home or somewhere secluded doesn’t have very much respect for your safety and security even if they don’t mean you any harm!

While using Masosa, you already approved meeting on one of our top Vancouver public places, which protects you!

There are all sorts of online dating scams these days, so being aware is be helpful!