outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver

Top 9 outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver

Many people do not think about seating when eating out. However, it can be an essential part of the overall experience. Some restaurants have private dining areas, while others use more creative methods like building onto a patio. No matter what you prefer, you can always find a large selection of outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver .

Great weather in Vancouver often means taking advantage of people watching from one of the many outdoor seating restaurants. But where to go? If you’re looking for an open and spacious patio where you can dine with an unobstructed view of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles traveling downtown – here are a few suggestions you may not have considered before!

Top 9 outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver

If there’s something that Canada has plenty of, it’s outdoor seating during the warmer months. In fact, you can find tons of outdoor patio restaurants in Vancouver. ♥

1. Cactus Club Café

Located in downtown Vancouver, this restaurant has an outdoor patio area where you can enjoy an upscale meal with family or friends. The menu at Cactus Club Café includes everything from sandwiches to seafood dishes and vegetarian options!

Instagram: @cactusclubcafe

2. Earls Kitchen & Bar

This restaurant is located on Granville Island and offers some of the best seafood dishes! Earls Kitchen & Bar is perfect for any occasion, with indoor and outdoor seating available!

Instagram: @earlsrestaurant

outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver

3. Lift Bar & Grill

Located in scenic Coal Harbour, Lift has an elevated patio worth checking out if you haven’t already. The bi-level patio has ample seating, but if you can, head to the rooftop and enjoy the views and the city skyline.

If you are looking for the Perfect Sunday long views, this spot is the right destination!

Instagram: @liftbarandgrill

4. H Tasting Lounge

With views of the harbor and north shore mountains, a whimsical setting, and some of the pleasant cocktails and afternoon teas, H Tasting Lounge is a must for a sun-drenched day in your Sunday Best.

Instagram: @htastinglounge

5. 1931 Gallery Bistro

Gallery Bistro is a minimalist culinary destination located inside the historical building of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gallery Bistro offers dine-in or take-out options and artsy takes on classic cocktails.

Instagram: @1931gallerybistro

6. Dockside

Be sure to check out this popular False Creek fixture for brunch, lunch, dinner, or drinks when you get a chance. Dockside was awarded as Vancouver’s Best Patio!
Open Daily: 7:30 AM – Midnight

7. Joe Fortes

If you are looking for something casual, head to Joe Fortes. It feels like your own private garden oasis. Plus, it comes with expert service and a relaxing paradise-like atmosphere.

Instagram: @joefortesvan

8. Bridges

Bridges is one of the most extensive patios in the Vancouver area with one of the best views. Not to mention, Bridges also has two patios, which means double the opportunity to soak up some sunshine.

Instagram: @tapandbarrel

9. CRAFT Beer Market

You can enjoy fresh local food while sipping on craft beers and cocktails overlooking the beautiful English Bay beach.

The beautifully designed interior includes artwork by local mural artist Rory Doyle and reclaimed wood paneling from the original building.

Instagram: @craftbeeryvr

The best outdoor seating restaurants in Vancouver are diverse in delivering excellent customer service. They have the edge over their competition because of the entertainment, breathtaking views, and quality food they offer.
The chefs at these restaurants work hard to maintain a standard that gives customers an outdoor dining experience worth talking about.

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