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3 Tips to choose the perfect restaurant in Masosa

You want to choose the perfect restaurant for your first date during your search on the Masosa app. But, you don’t know where to start?

It’s an important decision to impress your date and get them excited about seeing you again!

Yet, you can agree that it can be pretty tricky to choose the right place. There are several factors which have to be considered.

This guide will help you select the right restaurant for your first date with that special someone!

Why it’s essential to pick the perfect restaurant for your first date ?

When people say that a first date can make or break a relationship, it’s not about whether you hit it off or not.

It’s also about the setting. A wrong choice of venue can drive a wedge between you and your date from the very get-go. Yes, there are times when you’re giving out more than you’re getting, and it’s okay to meet your date halfway.

But don’t take them to a non-rated restaurant for an early dinner, then complain about how bad the food is!

Masosa spots suggestions

Once you download the Masosa app and fill in the required fields, like (name, gender, age, hobbies, or experiences ), you will be guided through a map page.

Restaurants and cafes near your current location will appear randomly. Our suggestions are frequently updated to suit everyone’s needs.

There is also a search option; if you are looking for a specific Vancouver food spot.

The spot you chose will be the location for your next meeting or date, and it will appear to other Masosa users.

If you didn’t find your favorite coffee shop in Vancouver or restaurant, contact us on Instagram. We will be happy to add it!

3 Tips to choose the perfect restaurant for your first date

1- Think Chic over Elegant.

Don’t spend too much money on your first date! That was our fourth first date tip on the last article.

There may be no bigger sin than taking a first date to an expensive restaurant. You want to impress the person and show them that they deserve the best, but be wary of overkill.

If the restaurant is full of white tablecloths and pretentious waiters, things are not likely to work out. It’s your first date — not your 10th anniversary. But, don’t go somewhere normal. Nobody wants to spend the first date with a night out local tavern eating chicken wings!

Instead, go somewhere hip. Try a trendy gastropub, brick-oven pizza place, or a nearby chic cafe.

You can always benefit from the discounts available on Masosa and enjoy your meeting with new people in Vancouver.

If you decide to split up the bill, choose a restaurant that’s within a price range you’re both comfortable with.

2- Consider Your Favorite Spots

When it comes to assuring a great first date, selecting a restaurant you already know from Masosa’s list is an excellent strategy.

You’ll likely feel more relaxed in a familiar place!

restaurant for your first date

Avoid places blasting loud music even if it’s your style, as it makes it hard to have a conversation if you’re shouting at each other.

3- Better Safe than Sorry

Nobody wants to wait hours for a table!

Check with the restaurant beforehand to make sure they take reservations and book as early as possible. Some are always busy and don’t allow reserve a table, so avoid these places for a first date!

The right spot choice can sway a first date!

Take your time and research when looking for the perfect restaurant for your first date in Masosa. Follow the 3 tips mentioned above; never make a wrong choice!

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