split the bill with friends

9 Ideas on How to Split the Bill with Friends

Like most people, you probably have a go-to method for splitting the bill with friends when you eat. But what if your friends don’t share the same manner? Here are 9 ideas on how to split the bill with friends so that everyone is happy.

Split the bill with friends: Rules to consider!

You probably don’t enjoy arguing with your friends about who owes what when the bill arrives at the end of a meal. Fortunately, a few tried and true methods for splitting the bill can help avoid drama or hard feelings.

split the bill with friends

Before jumping into those methods, let’s discover the rules first!

1. Who pays for what?

The first rule of splitting the bill is that you need to talk about it. You can do this over text or a phone call, but you have to be open and honest about your situation so that the other person knows how much they will owe.

2. Don’t make assumptions!

It’s easy to assume that if someone has been out once or twice before, they’ll pay because they’re “new” at it—but that’s not always the case! If someone is new to your group, give them a heads up before you start ordering drinks, so they know what they’re getting into.

9 Ideas on How to Split the Bill with Friends

1. Go dutch:

This is probably the most common way to split the bill, and it’s also the easiest. Everyone pays their share.

2. Split it evenly:

This works well if only a few people and you all ordered the same thing. Just divide the total by the number of people, and everyone pays their fair share.

For example, if four people are eating dinner and each person pays $25 for dinner, everyone pays $12 each (since 25/4 = 12).

3. One person pays, others Venmo:

If someone wants to be friendly and pick up the tab, let them! Ensure they get reimbursed via Venmo or another payment app afterward, so they’re not left out of pocket.

4. Pay according to what you ordered:

This can work well if there are significant differences in what everyone ordered (e.g., someone got an appetizer while others just had entrees). In this case, it’s usually fairest to pay for what you ordered rather than trying to even things out too much.

split the bill with friends

5. Round up or down:

Sometimes it can be helpful to round each person’s share up or down To the nearest dollar amount, which makes paying easier And avoids any awkwardness over pennies.

6. Use a check-splitting app:

A few different ones can help you split the bill evenly and quickly with friends. These include apps like Splitter and Settle Up.

7. Put it on your tab:

If you have a good relationship with the server or the manager, you may be able to put the whole bill on your tab, then collect money from your friends through the after. Keep in mind that some places don’t allow you to do this, so always ask first!

8. Haggle About Price

If someone is being super pushy about how much they want for their meal or drink, try asking for a discount for all of them (or just one) before deciding how much each person will pay—this way, everyone feels like they got a deal!

split the bill with friends

9. Use the Masosa app

By joining the masosa app, you can either offer to pay the bill, ask your date to invite you, or split the bill between you!

It’s a quick and efficient way to eliminate embarrassment after a good meal!

What are you wanting? Split the bill with friends using the Masosa app!