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Trust used to be a value of utmost importance in relationships. However, over the years, Trust has been replaced by more emotional connections like love, hate, and romance. Although several factors can lead to trust issues in a relationship, one of the most common causes of conflict is a lack of communication between spouses. Trust […]

Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

If you’re looking for the best birthday restaurants in Vancouver, I’ve got you covered. From pizza to sushi and Thai to burgers — we’ve got everything you need and want (and more!) when it comes to celebrating a special day like your birthday. There are many great restaurants in Vancouver, BC, but it can take

Birthday restaurants in Vancouver

Relationships are tough. They require hard work and dedication. You get to know each other intimately, deal with many daily ups and downs, and have to communicate your feelings openly more than in any other type of relationship. But through it all, you do one thing together — talk. And you must talk about what

relationship priorities

If you’re looking to eat something different but are still deciding what to eat in Vancouver, I have a list of 21 trending foods in Vancouver you must try; this is a list of food trends that are very popular and delicious. 21 trending foods in Vancouver that you must try Vancouver is known for

trending foods in Vancouver

There are so many fast food places in Vancouver, and it can be hard to know where to start. We’re here to help! So if you’re looking for guidance on where to go next time you’re out and about in Vancouver, keep reading! This article will help you pick the most suitable fast-food delis in

fast food places in Vancouver

If you’re moving to Vancouver, it can be tricky to know what tip rates are like here. It’s common to hear some Vancouver natives grumble at a restaurant or bar. That grumbling? They’re talking about tipping in Vancouver. And if you don’t want your table mates talking about how you won’t tip when they see

Tipping in Vancouver

Ever been on a first date and struggled to find something to talk about? Or maybe you got stuck talking about the weather. If you want to haul in all those fish in the sea, try a new topic next time you go on a date rather than the weather! This post is not a

Topics to Talk About on a First Date

This blog post guides the best restaurants in Vancouver to have your first meet-up. The Masosa app is dedicated to people who want to share a meal or a cup of coffee. Are you with us? First dates are one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. There’s so much pressure to make a good