Places for Burgers in Vancouver

The 7 Best Places for Burgers in Vancouver

There’s nothing better than a good burger. Whether it’s a juicy, freshly sizzled cheeseburger or a rich, pound-of-meat patty topped with melted cheddar cheese, onion rings, and ketchup, there are many ways to enjoy a delicious burger in Vancouver. This list is based on reader feedback and contains the best places for burgers in Vancouver!

Vancouver is known for being cutting-edge in modern styles, and the city’s art and music scenes often attract tourists.

But this only scratches the surface of what makes this city so famous. There is also a solid fan base within Vancouver who love burgers, which explains why Vancouver has become home to several great burger restaurants.

The 7 Best Places for Burgers in Vancouver

Are you a burger lover living in Vancouver? If so, you’re in luck! This city is home to some of the best burgers around.

From classic patties to inventive takes on this beloved dish, there’s something for everyone. Here are seven of the best places for burgers in Vancouver:

1. The Red Wagon Café

Located on East Hastings Street, The Red Wagon Café serves delicious homemade hamburgers with unique toppings like smoked bacon and bourbon-glazed onions.

They also offer vegetarian options and sides such as sweet potato fries and onion rings that complete your meal.

Instagram: @redwagoncafe
Address: 2128 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V2, Canada

Places for Burgers in Vancouver

2. White Spot

An iconic Canadian chain restaurant since 1928, White Spot has been serving delicious burgers since day one!

Their signature Triple O Burger is made with a beef patty topped with their famous “Triple O Sauce” plus lettuce, tomato, and pickles—a must-try!

Instagram: @whitespot_restaurants
Address: 200-8223 Sherbrooke Street Vancouver, BC, V5X 4E6

3. Juicy Burgers & More

For those looking for an adventure when it comes to their burger experience, then Juicy Burgers & More should be at the top of your list!

With creative combinations like peanut butter jelly or macaroni cheese stuffed inside a juicy patty, these will satisfy any craving out there.

Instagram: @juicy_joes
Address: 2211 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1, Canada

Places for Burgers in Vancouver

4. Hundy

Hundy burgers are done in a classic style on a soft and delicious brioche bun featuring a mildly sweet Hundy house sauce and packaged in branded sustainable paper burger bags.

Instagram: @hundyburger
Address: Vancouver 1144 Homer St

Places for Burgers in Vancouver

5. The Flying Pig

This gastropub offers an array of high-quality dishes, including its famous ‘Flying Pig Burger, which features crispy pork belly slices alongside melted cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between two soft buns.

Instagram: @wearetheflyingpig
Address: Yaletown (1168 Hamilton St.) 604.568.1344

6. Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles have crafted together some fantastic creations over time but none more impressive than their ‘burger.’ It’s made using ground lamb meat mixed with herbs before being cooked to perfection.

Instagram: @bellsandwhistlesyvr
Address: 3296 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4B9, Canada

Places for Burgers in Vancouver

7. Homer St Cafe Bar

Homer St Cafe Bar offers classic comfort food, such as tasty handcrafted hamburgers served alongside golden fried potatoes or yam wedges, making them the perfect choice if you’re looking for something hearty yet straightforward.

Instagram: @homerstcafebar
Address: 898 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5, Canada

Burgers aren’t just for special occasions. Every day, in every city around the world, people enjoy a burger slathered with ketchup and topped with cheese and anything else that sounds good.

The best part about burgers is how customizable they are. You can make them vegetarian, vegan, or meat-lovers paradise and enjoy them guilt-free at any time of day.

No matter what type of burger experience you’re after, rest assured that Vancouver has plenty of great choices waiting to be discovered by hungry patrons!

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