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3 Amazing Things to do with Online Friends

Do you know what I love about the internet? You can have online friends from all over the world.

We are no longer limited by our physical location, which can be quite restrictive at times. Besides this, online friends come in all shapes and forms.

But, you know what I am more excited about? It is to know a person online and then meet him in reality! That’s a great deal!

While looking for online friends, a quick tip: make sure to pick an app used in your city.
We are using the Masosa app in Vancouver, the best app for meeting new people in Vancouver!

I am not exaggerating; give it a try and tell me in the comment below.

Do you know what is more excited about the Masosa app?

You can chat with a person with the same interest as you and invite him for a cup of coffee in Vancouver, Or let him invite YOU!

Inside the app, you can choose who will pay the bill in advance; no need to be embarrassed or feel awkward once you finish your meal!

But before getting there, let me propose to you 3 things you can do with your online friends before deciding to meet them in person.

Most of us are using our phones for many hours a day. It can be a lot of pressure to show up for an undetermined amount of time to be present with one person and be ready to do nothing but talk.

That’s why it’s time to enjoy a new perspective on online chatting.

3 things you can do with your online friends

online friends

1- Play games together

Having fun and playing games isn’t only for kids. Even studies show that playing online games as an adult can help reduce your stress and boost your well-being.

So, think of this tip as coaching advice!

Here are my best 3 online games to play with your Masosa friends:

  1. Words with Friends 2
  2. Fortnite
  3. Minecraft

2- Watch a movie together

Friday night is a great time to plan for a Netflix Party!

With the extension on Google Chrome (Teleparty), you can stream TV shows and movies with your online friends .

Watching a movie together will let you know each other more closely, what you like or what you dislike.

After watching the movie, I suggest discussing the main ideas and the characters.

3- Cook together

I think cooking should be done before watching a movie, what do you think?

You are now saying (I am not a good cooker!) …! Never mind, neither do I! No one will taste what you cook, except you, hehe!

The mean idea is you and your online friend have to choose one meal and try to cook it simultaneously.

That meal can be Eggs with Spinach!

But, if you are telling me that you both are good cookers, you might think of attending an online cooking class together.

Decent advice!

Any online friendship is a valuable asset, and if you want to nurture that friendship, you need to know how to approach it in the right way.

Many people can connect with hundreds of people online, and they remain in contact with their friends who they have made using our Masosa app.

Give it time, try multiple activities, get to know each other, and meet in person.

Which activity did you like the most?

I proposed to you those 3 things to do with your online friends to get the chance to know and test them.

Spending time talking or texting each other isn’t enough if you are willing to build a strong friendship.

While playing games, you might know if your future friend can get easily mad. Or you will understand that he/she is an easy-going person.

After trying many online activities, you will decide if this person deserves to meet you in person. And don’t forget to choose who will pay the bill from the Masosa app.

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