Tipping in Vancouver

Tipping in Vancouver: Things to Know as a Newcomer

If you’re moving to Vancouver, it can be tricky to know what tip rates are like here. It’s common to hear some Vancouver natives grumble at a restaurant or bar. That grumbling? They’re talking about tipping in Vancouver. And if you don’t want your table mates talking about how you won’t tip when they see you again, this article is for you!

Is Vancouver different?

Vancouver is a major international city with a high cost of living. Because of this, many people are searching for new opportunities and getting ahead in life. It is also one of the most desirable cities in Canada and is often mentioned as one of the best places to live in North America, Canada, or the world.

Tipping in Vancouver

Living in a high-cost city means servers want more money, but it also means taking care of your wallet!

If you’re new to Vancouver and haven’t had the chance to tip yet, we’ve got some tips for you. Asking a waiter or waitress how much they make per hour is an excellent place to start. If they’re over $10 an hour, they should earn more than $12 an hour before taxes.

If they don’t say anything about their salary, then it’s probably safe to assume that they make the most nominal wage of $16.50 per hour before taxes. So, if you feel tipping 20% of this amount would be appropriate for your server, go ahead!

What do you need to know about tipping in Vancouver?

1. Tipping is not expected or required.

2. Leave at least a dollar tip if you’re in a bar or restaurant and the service is good. You can round up if you feel generous!

3. If you’re in a restaurant and the service was terrible, leave no tip at all—or leave nothing (it’s your choice).

4. If you had dinner at your friend’s place and they made food that wasn’t delicious, don’t feel bad about leaving them a dollar or two (or five). It’s only polite!

5. Generally, it is customary to tip 10-15% of your bill in a restaurant. However, this may vary depending on the quality of service. If you received exceptional service, you might want to tip more generously.

6. It is common to leave a small tip (around $2-$5) for takeout orders; this is not required but appreciated if the service is good.

7. Tipping is not typically expected for coffee shop orders, although baristas always appreciate it!

8. This advice may look silly, but let’s mention it: You don’t need to be Canadian to tip!

Tipping in Vancouver in restaurants & bars


Tipping in Vancouver

Following the guidelines above will help ensure you show appreciation for good service while fitting in with Vancouver’s tipping culture.

As mentioned, be ready to tip around 10-15% in Vancouver restaurants. Nevertheless, the precise tip amount when eating out in Vancouver restaurants depends on the spot, occasion, and order size.

According to a Restaurants Canada spokesperson, the industry standard for tipping is between 15 and 18% for our readers who love numbers and study cases.

It’s usual to give your waiter/waitress a little higher tip than you would a bartender.

In bars and cafes in Vancouver, you can round the bill to the following significant amount or leave a small tip each time you order a drink.

Final suggestion:

  • 100 Canadian dollars meal = suggested tip of 10 or 15 Canadian dollars
  • 10 Canadian dollars for a drink = offered a tip of 1-2 Canadian dollars

Tipping is a part of life here in Vancouver, whether you’re a tourist or a local. You may have heard that the city is known for its tipping culture, and it’s not uncommon for locals to leave gratuities for their service.