dinner in Vancouver

I’ve Been Invited to Dinner In Vancouver – What Should I Do?

Being invited to dinner in Vancouver by a friend can be an exciting moment.
However, many questions pop up before the day of your gathering. You might feel excited and nervous at the same time. The experience can be fun and lead to a stimulating conversation and enjoyable food. You have no reason to worry about it if you’ve been invited to dinner.

The only thing that might hinder your pleasant evening would be forgetting any essential details leading up to your day in the company of friends or acquaintances.

3 First Tips to have a great dinner in Vancouver

You’ve installed the Masosa app and been invited to dinner, huh? That’s great!

dinner in Vancouver

Dinner is an exciting way to bond with others and sample the latest food technology. It can be a sensory adventure. Where you get to see, smell, and taste foods that you’ve never tried before. It’s also an excellent way to practice your social skills and make new friends!

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to dinner, you must know how to behave at the table:

1) You need to make sure that you understand what kind of restaurant you are going to. You should also try to figure out how fancy it will be, as this could give you a better idea of what to wear and what kind of food they will serve.

2) When you arrive at the restaurant, sit down at the table. It would help if you always waited for the host or hostess before you begin eating; they will help serve your food. If someone else at the table starts eating before you do, then it’s ok to start too.

3) If a server asks if you’d like something to drink or eat, politely say, “Yes, please.” Try not to start eating until everyone else has been served.

4) Be sure to talk about something interesting while everyone eats. It is a great time for conversation! If you have any interesting stories or experiences that happened recently that others at the table might enjoy hearing about, share them!

If you are not sure what to talk about on a first date, check this article for the best conversation subjects!

What to care about before going to dinner in Vancouver?

If you have been invited to dinner in a restaurant, there is a good chance that you will be required to pay. It is always worth asking if the meal is paid for by the person who has invited you. If the person inviting you has used ‘invite,’ they are likely to pay. For example, ‘I have invited you to dinner’ or ‘I would like to invite you to dinner’ indicate that someone else will be paying.

If it is not clear whether or not you will be expected to pay. It is always better to mention this politely before ordering food and drinks. You can always do this light-heartedly, saying, ‘before we order, I just wanted to check whether I am paying for this?’ With a smile and a laugh, mention that your bank balance may not be able to cover your choice of food.

If it is not clear who should pay for the bill at the end of the meal and everyone waits for someone else to take action and pay the bill, it can become awkward! If nobody can decide who will pay, everyone starts rummaging through their bags as they try and find their purse!

How to overcome the awkward payment moment?

Join Masosa; once you pick your favorite restaurant, people can offer to pay for the meal, split the bill with you, or each one pays his bill!

What are you waiting for? Join Masosa now and receive your first dinner invitation!

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