Topics to Talk About on a First Date

3 great Topics to Talk About on a First Date with Masosa’s friends

Ever been on a first date and struggled to find something to talk about? Or maybe you got stuck talking about the weather.

If you want to haul in all those fish in the sea, try a new topic next time you go on a date rather than the weather!

This post is not a relationship therapist formula. Still, I think it’s safe to assume that talking about topics that both parties have in common is a good idea.

And if speed dating is any indication of what makes people click, then having things you can relate to is essential.

Instead of asking your friends what they talked about on their first date. We are going through the most important feature on the Masosa app, which is sharing interests and hobbies.

You will notice the interests they include; from here, you can pick topics similar to their interests.

3 great Topics to Talk About on a First Date

After you find your match on Masosa, you will have already decided where to meet.

If you didn’t get yet to this step, here are our top 5 recommendations:

  1. Vonns
  2. Café Medina
  3. Taqueria Playa Tropical
  4. El Santo
  5. Wild Thyme

And now, it’s time to think about what you will say!

1. Childhood

Usually, you can’t go wrong with talking about childhood!

For example, ask if your partner has any siblings? What state or city did he grow up in? What are some of their favorite childhood memories?

You can start the conversation by talking about your childhood, so you get your new partner to open up about his past.

This topic can lead to knowing whether you have anything new in common besides what you mentioned on the Masosa app.

Maybe you both enjoyed the same TV shows or music growing up, or your families vacationed in the same spots. Talking about your childhoods is a fun way to boost your connection and get you comfortable with each other.

2. Work

Work is usually one of the pretty safe topics to talk about on a first date!

But if you feel uncomfortable talking about this subject, you can ask a question like, what’s been the most significant or best year of your life so far?

Talking about work background, skills, and what you both enjoy the most about your job can reveal a lot about work ethic, long-term goals, and priorities to each one of you.

If you both, or one of you is still studying, you can keep talking about your favorite school subjects or project you are working on now!

Masosa app focuses on younger people under the age of 35, so you won’t be surprised if you meet a friend from the same university as you!

3- Avoid Covid talks.

Get the unpopular Covid conversation out of the way!

The bad experiences we went through those last 2 years won’t be an excellent topic to get back on the table.

For some of us, Covid conversations are essential – yet, for others, it’ll be the very last thing they want to talk about.

Like most things in life, finding what topics to talk about on a first date is something you probably want to practice.

The more comfortable you are talking about the various topics, the better you will adapt and adjust as the date progresses and circumstances.

Think about topics that come up when the conversation flows naturally with friends or family members, and channel those feelings towards your date to help make it a successful one!

Join Masosa now and start interacting with new people in Vancouver!

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