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Unique Masosa App Offers Simple Restaurant Bill Paying Options

We can’t meet in big groups but we can certainly meet with a friend to have a delicious meal in a restaurant. But there can be many barriers to your new friend or acquaintance saying yes. Many have tight budgets, but if you offer to pay their food bill, then they’re more likely to say yes! 
Masosa is the new app that will help you to meet up with new friends in cafes and restaurants, and help with that sensitive topic of who pays the bill.

How to Make New Friends

It can be extremely difficult making new friends, particularly when everyone has been so cautious this past year. If you do make new connections online, how do you let them know that you’d like to go for a coffee or a good meal? The Masosa app is simple to download, and it’s also free. After you’ve both downloaded the app, you can simply choose a favorite place to meet from the map and send the invites out.

If your friend prefers another location, they can enter that in too. From here, you can decide who pays the bill. Will it be you, them, or will you split it? We highly recommend you offer to pay the full bill, kind of like an “it’s great meeting you” gift, or even for their birthday or a special holiday.

How Does Masosa App Work?

You can simply download it from the app store and install it and sign up. Any adult can install it, no matter who you are. The app focuses on younger people under the age of 35, but if you have older friends you can also invite them to use it. You can open up the app and enter your location to find your favorite restaurant or a new one you’ve been wanting to try. You can invite other users to join you, and then offer to pay their bills.

The other users can be strangers you’ve never met who have also signed up for the app in your region, or they can be people who you already know. This great new app will help you to meet other people who also share the same interests as you. If the other apps didn’t work for you, we invite you to try Masosa for free right now.

Why Masosa App is Better?

By now you’ve probably seen the other meeting or dating apps. Our app aims to be different. These other apps have their challenges. They’re too “me” oriented, during a time when you should simply be enjoying the company of others and making new friends. If there are sparks after that, you can meet for a special date. But at the beginning, the focus is finding new people who share your common interests, whether you both enjoy eating the same type of food, or you enjoy the same hobbies, sports, or recreational activities.

What Types of Places Can People Meet?

It’s best to meet at cafes and restaurants when you’re meeting strangers or acquaintances. You can search for these locations within the app, then send the app to your chosen friends. After you meet, you can decide where you’d like to meet next.

Why Are Restaurant Bills the Focus?

For some reason, who pays the bill seems to be a big concern, particularly if you’re meeting new people. It can be awkward after enjoying a good meal with someone new to figure out who pays the bill.

You don’t know what they expect… should the man pay the bill? But some women may feel like if they invited the man, they should pay the bill. What if it’s two friends meeting or a couple of the same gender? Some people are on tight budgets, and may not be able to go out to eat, so they feel like the higher income earner should pay the bill.

For this reason, having the Masosa app will help you to decide who pays the bill in advance. You can then meet up at the restaurant and enjoy your meal, rather than worry through the whole meal about what the proper bill-paying etiquette is. Once it’s been decided in the app, the worries are gone.

How Can I Find People with My Interests?

It’s easier to connect with people who have similar interests to you. If you’re scared of heights, you’re not going to want to go skydiving with people who do that. Likewise, an athlete is not going to want to hang out with a video gamer who plays for hours.

The Masosa app enables you to quickly and easily create your profile where you include your interests and favorite experiences. There are none of those “endless paragraphs of demands” that you see in other apps.

Once your profile is created, the app will connect you with other people who have similar interests and are hoping to interact with you. You can also send invites out to others. You can choose the location and see if they respond. This also offers a safe way to meet. You can also set it so others can invite you to join them.

The app enables you to search through your invites and accept them or not. You can see if they’re offering to pay the bill, split it, or hoping you will pay. It’s all up to you!

What Kinds of Interests Can I List?

If you’re interested in a topic or hobby, chances are there are hundreds of others near you with the same ones too. You can list activities, such as sports or recreational activities, hobbies and crafts such as knitting, painting, pottery, stamp or doll collecting, video gaming, favorite TV shows, and movies, pets, and animals, home improvement projects, art or science interests, or anything else we haven’t listed here.

Why Are Similar Hobbies & Interests So Important?

We know that no two people will have 100% of the same interests and hobbies, but there’s a great chance you can find other kindred souls who have most of them. Most other apps are focused on “I want or me” and have no options on what truly matters… what you like to do in your off-work time and spare time in the evenings and weekends.

If you’ve had zero success with the other apps, it’s probably because it’s hard scrolling through people’s profiles about wanting a millionaire who has ten cars and three jobs, or dealing with people who claim they’re kind, caring, and trustworthy but when you meet them they are anything but that. It’s no surprise that these types of apps don’t work!

Our Masosa app is free and works on most devices, but if you want additional options, there will be a premium version with extensive features which we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

We’ve created a unique way to have more direct social experiences with other people, as well as solving that sensitive topic: who pays the bill? You’ll be able to meet new people, have the opportunity to share your interests, and perhaps even make new friends, or even find a lifetime partner!

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