Best 7 Vancouver cafes for remote working

The title says it all! Here you’ll find the Best Vancouver cafes for remote working .

It may seem simple, but finding a good place where you can work and enjoy good company is hard to do in this town.

Where to find a good company in Vancouver?

You can spend days or months sitting down in a coffee waiting for someone to share a conversation with while having a time-out from working for hours.
Or you can join Masosa, set up your profile in less than 5 mins, and get in touch with people who also like to work on one of Vancouver cafes for remote working .

Best 7 Vancouver cafes for remote working

Vancouver is known for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. But there is another type of beauty to be found in this city, one that’s on the inside.

We have discovered that over the years, as we have been working remotely.

Before starting the actual work, we would find ourselves looking for the perfect place to work.

Sometimes we worked from our rooms or at the library. Other times we worked on a local Starbucks, which meant that we spent a good chunk of time traveling back and forth between a few common locations — again and again, each day.

Perhaps you’re in a similar situation. You work at home or prefer to go to a public library instead of a crowded coffee shop, but you still need an inspiring workspace.

Whatever your situation, let me help ease the pressure of finding a place you enjoy going out to eat at (while still getting your work done).

1. Prado

Prado is a relaxing place to get work done with a great cup of coffee at your side.

The café is easy to find with three locations:


Instagram: @pradocafe

2- The Birds & The Beets

Located on Powell and Columbia, The Birds & The Beets is nestled comfortably in Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood.

Seating here is open and spacious; it’s the best spot to bring your Masosa friend to share silence with as you get to work comfortably.

Instagram: @birdsandbeets

3- Kafka’s

This cafe is a popular spot for digital workers and coffee nerds! Their brew methods include a siphon which looks like a science experiment gone right.

Vancouver cafes for remote working

Address: 2525 Main St.
Instagram: @kafkascoffeetea

4- Aperture Coffee

One of the favorite Vancouver cafes for remote working with a big back room with plenty of space and places to plug in.

Address: 4124 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @aperturecoffeebar

5- Pittie Coffee

This cute little cafe on Main Street is the perfect place to focus. It’s tranquil, with fun decor and many plants to brighten up the space.

Address: 3702 Main St., Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @pittiebrewcoffeeco

6- Foglifter Coffee Roasters

The coffee here is fantastic, and they have many food choices too. It’s a great option if you decide to split up your meal bill with your friend!

Window seats are available, so people can capture you once you get bored of working 😄

Address: 3590 Main St., Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @fogliftercoffee

7- La Forêt

This beautiful Burnaby cafe has lovely brunches and plenty of plants to make your workday feel a bit like a day off, too.

I highly suggest trying their cakes, too! Check their Instagram from inspiration!

Address: 6848 Jubilee Avenue, Burnaby
Instagram: @cafelaforet

We have compiled a list of the best 7 Vancouver cafes for remote working. Free WiFi, power outlets, and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core.

Whether you’re looking to get more done or need a quiet place to share a conversation for your first meetup with a Masosa friend, we’ve got you covered. Happy working!