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The Top 7 Vancouver Food Instagram Accounts

Since Vancouver is multicultural, various dishes are well-liked in this magnificent city. This blog post will be your guide for those who love all things delicious.
Here are my favorite Vancouver food Instagram accounts !

Why Vancouver food?

Vancouver is a beautiful city with a lot of good food to offer. And without a doubt, it is one of the top foodie cities in the world.

That’s why it has been named one of the best food cities by many magazines!

If it’s your first time visiting Vancouver, or maybe you have been here but looking to discover the top Vancouver spots.

Who can guide you better than the Instagrammers?

Top 7 Vancouver Food Instagram Accounts

From food photography to cooking shows, food is a mainstay of the Vancouver Instagram community. It may not always be the most exciting subject matter. But it attracts some of the most faithful followers and inspires those looking to see what’s good in the city.

Here are some of the best Vancouver Food Instagram accounts to discover what’s inside the most delicious plates.

1- @foodiegramca

Roanna lives in Vancouver, BC. Besides her Instagram account, she also has a blog to share her love of food and travel.

You will feel like you’ve been transported right into Vancouver’s best restaurant‘s kitchen after a scroll through her feed.

2- @vancouverfoodie

I love Emma’s account! Even if you are mad or not even hungry, you will feel happy with her smile and hungry with the food she talks about.

With more than 88K! Emma’s incredible taste in food has landed her partnerships with massive brands like McDonald’s and Reese’s.

Besides Vancouver, you will celebrate Korean occasions with her!

3- @itsjosheats

If you don’t follow @itsjosheats for his excellent food content. You’re going to want to do it for his funny stories!

You will love him not only because of the food pictures on his Instagram account! But you will also enjoy being in Vancouver!

Vancouver Food Instagram Accounts

4- @eatingwithkirby

Kirby is one of the best Vancouver Food Instagram Accounts in Metro Vancouver. With more than 35K followers on Instagram, she is now a trusted resource for her point of view. And remains a source of information for people wanting to discover the next best thing in food and travel.

Sher started her blog Eating With Kirby in 2011. Which includes now dining reviews, product reviews, attractions, and travel tips.

5- @vancityeats

Do you love giveaways?

I am sure you are!

Vancityeats have partnered with excellent local restaurants in Vancouver. Like Palate Kitchen, Dinesty Dumpling, and Craft Beer Market. So their followers like you will have the chance to win a free meal.

They are most known for providing the best online ordering system for local restaurants.

6- @heyitsjesschan

Jessica Chan is an authentic sushi lover!

She started blogging about her foodie adventures around 7 years ago. Then she joined social media platforms!

Besides Vancouver’s best places to eat, you will enjoy the Chinese traditions that sparkle her Instagram feed!

7- @pandafoodiecouple

As a food lover who tried different spots in Vancouver, you will be excited to share the world’s best food places. It’s the same for Peter and Annie! One of our top Vancouver Instagram food accounts .

They travel to the Bay Area and other parts of the world, showcasing their favorite chow-down spots.

I hope you have found this list of Instagram accounts useful. And have enjoyed discovering a few new local Vancouver foodie lovers. If you have any recommendations for other Vancouver Food Instagram Accounts to follow, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

If you are looking for friends with whom you can enjoy Vancouver’s food, join us on the Masosa app!

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