Vancouver food trucks

What to order in the Vancouver food trucks?

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to eating out, but you shouldn’t just settle for anything. It’s important to know what’s good and what’s not. The best way to do that is by choosing one of the best Vancouver food trucks.

So dear reader, if you’re in the mood for some delicious food but don’t want to spend much money, head to a Vancouver food truck!

What is a Food Truck?

The “food truck,” or traveling canteen truck, inspired by a New York concept, is a new mode of mobile catering that combines two popular services: fast food in Vancouver and quality local cuisine.

Vancouver food trucks

If food trucks do not seem to be a new concept compared to pizza trucks or fries stands, they are positioned as a healthier alternative to fast food at lunchtime. Their originality is to offer dishes made of quality and local products, prepared in front of customers.

They are often found in busy areas like downtown streets, parks, and sporting events. Food trucks offer a variety of cuisines at reasonable prices, making them a popular choice for budget-minded diners.

What to order in the Vancouver food trucks?

The best thing about food trucks is that they offer various possibilities for different types of food.

There are so many options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings. Here are some of our favorite things to order from Vancouver food trucks:

1. Tacos

There’s nothing better than a good taco in Vancouver; luckily, there are plenty of great options from Vancouver food trucks. Our favorites include El Camino’s and La Taqueria.

2. Burritos

Another excellent option for those who love Mexican cuisine is the burrito!

Once again, there are plenty of excellent choices, including El Camino’s and La Taqueria mentioned above, as well as The Reef Truck.

3. Sliders

If you’re looking for something slightly lighter than tacos or burritos while ordering from Vancouver food trucks, why not try some sliders?

Mini burgers are always a hit, and we love the ones served by Fresh Local Wild.

4. Poutine

Poutine is what Canadians call their version of fries covered with cheese curds and gravy, usually served with meat gravy.

Vancouver food trucks

You can find poutine all over Canada, and it’s usually suitable for people who don’t like their fries too crunchy or too soft!

5. Curry Burgers

Curry Burgers are made with beef (or sometimes chicken), curry sauce, and lots of vegetables like potatoes and carrots! They’re great if you’d like some extra spice in your life!

6. A hot dog

A trip to the hot dog truck is always a good time. Whether you opt for the classic chili dog or try something new, like the famous Mac & Cheese Dog, you’ll indeed have a good time.

7. The classic fried chicken sandwich

Fried chicken is always delicious and satisfying, even when it’s not on a stick! We recommend trying a sandwich with any of your favorite toppings and some fries on the side so that you can make it a complete meal and enjoy your Vancouver food trucks!

8. Ice Cream Pints

Is there anything better than enjoying an ice cream on the go?!

@thepraguery offers Ice Cream Pints and Chimney Cakes for the safe pickup and food delivery in Vancouver.

The cones are filled with soft serve and your choice of toppings and add-ons, like Nutella and Lemon Curd.

The 8 Best Vancouver food trucks 2022

Vancouver food trucks

  1. Bobbie’s Authentic Indian & Fusion, Instagram: @bobbiesfoodtruck
  2. Cannoli King, Instagram: @cannolikingvancouver
  3. Cazba Persian Food, Instagram:
  4. I Love Chickpea, Instagram: @ilovechickpea
  5. Disco Cheetah, Instagram: @DiscoCheetahyvr
  6. Dos Amigos, Instagram: @dosamigosyvr
  7. El Cartel, Instagram: @greencoastcoffee
  8. Green Coast Coffee, Instagram: @elcartel604

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