Vancouver's new restaurants

What to eat in Vancouver’s new restaurants?

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most famous and cosmopolitan cities, with many great places to eat. I visited Vancouver and have enjoyed all the new restaurants since I first saw them.
If you plan on visiting Vancouver soon (or already live there), here’s what to eat in Vancouver’s new restaurants.

Discover Vancouver as one of the best food destinations!

Vancouver is growing fast and becoming more international (check out the number of immigrants moving here).

It’s such an eclectic and diverse city that it can be challenging to find anything to eat. From traditional to gourmet, there’s something for everyone.

This means that while some new restaurants are opening every day, finding something everyone will like can be tricky.

Some of the best restaurants in Vancouver aren’t actually in Vancouver but on nearby islands like Bowen Island, Whistler, and North Vancouver. So if you’re looking for what to eat in Vancouver, here is a simple list of some of my favorites!

What to eat in Vancouver’s new restaurants?

As a foodie, you know this city is full of excellent new restaurants and exciting culinary experiences.

Whether you’re looking for something casual or an upscale dining experience, there’s something for everyone in Vancouver.

From fresh seafood dishes to innovative fusion cuisine, here are some of the must-try words when visiting the city:

1. Dim Sum

One of the most popular items on many restaurant menus in Vancouver is dim sum.

Its combination of small plates and dumplings filled with savory fillings like pork and shrimp is a great way to sample different flavors without committing too much time or money to one dish.

Vancouver's new restaurants

2. Sushi

If raw fish isn’t your thing, but you still want something light yet flavorful, then sushi should be at the top of your list!

There are many types available, from traditional nigiri sushi rolls to creative maki rolls made with unique ingredients like mangoes or cream cheese – whatever tickles your fancy can be found here!

3. BC Salmon

Wild BC salmon has become synonymous with Canada over recent years due to its high-quality taste & texture, which makes it perfect for any meal, whether served grilled as part of a main course or smoked as part appetizer/salad combo plate.

Either way, it will impress any dinner guest (or yourself!).

4. Seafood Chowder

This hearty soup combines clams, mussels & other shellfish, potatoes & vegetables into one delicious bowl that warms up even cold winter days while also providing plenty of nutrients thanks to all those tasty seafood morsels inside!

5. Poutine

Last but not least, we have poutine, which might be Canada’s national dish by now given how popular this french fries-topped gravy creation has become abroad; no matter where you get yours, make sure to try out local variations such as adding pulled pork bacon bits before digging!

What to also try in Vancouver’s new restaurants?

Dispelling the myth of Canadians not liking spicy foods, the Vancouver restaurant scene has seen several Asian eateries open up in recent months, catering to locals looking to spice up their meals.

Whether it’s Korean bulgogi tacos at Maenam or regional Mexican flour tortillas at Chancho, Vancouver has no options to eat your way through some authentic spice.

If you’re looking to sample some of the hottest menu items and the newest restaurants in town, here’s where you should go:


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Even when you’re functioning in a tourist capacity, it can be less interesting to eat the same foods again and again. Luckily, there’s a wealth of great eats in this Gastown gem of a city that makes exploring worthwhile. Enjoy!