Vancouver’s Top 11 Healthy Restaurants

Vancouver is known for its extensive food scene, and many great restaurants cater to all dietary needs. Yet, you can always make your life easier by knowing where healthy options are located! We’ve searched the city high and low to find the top 11 healthy restaurants in Vancouver — check them out below!

The strong sense of community makes Vancouver so unique. Lists like these highlight the best restaurants in each neighborhood and even show you where to find fresh local produce.

Some might surprise you, but there’s no better way to discover what Vancouver offers than from a foodie perspective!

Top 11 healthy restaurants in Vancouver

Starting your day right takes more than eating right. It also involves choosing the right venue for breakfast or lunch. Your health is essential, so here are our suggestions for healthy restaurants in Vancouver!

1) The Acorn:

This vegan restaurant offers an array of creative dishes made with fresh ingredients. From roasted cauliflower tacos to portobello mushroom burgers, there’s something for everyone here.

Instagram: @acornvancouver

healthy restaurants in Vancouver

2) Nuba:

This Lebanese eatery serves tasty falafel wraps and salads packed with flavourful spices and herbs. Plus, they offer gluten-free options too!

Instagram: @nubatown

healthy restaurants in Vancouver

3) Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant:

If you’re after plant-based cuisine, this spot is perfect for you. The menu of our third healthy restaurant in Vancouver features inventive dishes like sloppy jackfruit joes or sweet potato gnocchi that will satisfy any craving without sacrificing nutrition (or taste!).

Instagram: @heirloomveg

4) Virtuous Pie:

Pizza lovers rejoice – this pizzeria has plenty of veggie-packed pies and vegan ice cream sundaes if dessert is more your thing!

Instagram: @virtuous_pie

5) Milano Coffee Roasters:

They serve some of the best coffee around town and have a selection of light bites, including avocado toast or grain bowls – ideal for something nutritious yet delicious.

Instagram: @milanoroasters

6) Greens & Gills Seafood Bar & Grill:

For seafood fans, Greens & Gills specializes in sustainable seafood sourced from local waters.

Try one of their signature poke bowls topped with succulent salmon sashimi!

Instagram: @papisoysterbar

healthy restaurants in Vancouver

7) Jamjar Canteen + Kitchenette:

Healthy comfort food at its finest, Jamjar’s Mediterranean-inspired eats include everything from quinoa, tabouleh, salad, and pita pockets filled with zucchini. Yum!

Instagram: @jamjarcanteen

8) Vegan Pizza House

Who specialize in crafting artisanal pizzas made without dairy cheese yet still oozing loads of flavor thanks to its unique topping combinations, such as spicy jalapeno pineapple pizza paired, making it one unforgettable experience indeed!

They serve classic Italian pies and Mexican style ones, complete guacamole salsa verde sour cream drizzle – simply mouthwatering!!!

Instagram: @veganpizzahouse

9) Field & Social

If you prefer something other than a sandwich for lunch but would like a salad instead, go here. It’s great! Clean, efficient, and good food.

Instagram: @fieldandsocial


The Naam opened in 1968 and has been a staple amongst Kitsilano’s vegetarian scene for decades.

For something filling and healthy, try the Naam Dragon Bowl. This hearty dish is packed with steamed veggies, organic brown rice with their famous miso gravy, tofu, peanut sauce, grated carrots, beets, organic alfalfa sprouts, and wakame.

Instagram: @naamrestaurant

11) Larry’s market

Eating a complete vegan meal has never been easier!

Larry’s Market Vancouver offers all the same grab-and-go, ready-to-eat foods like pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, and organic salads that customers have been enjoying in North Vancouver.

Instagram: @larrysmarkets

So there you have it, the top 11 healthy restaurants in Vancouver.

With this list, we trust that you’re ready to head down to one of these restaurants for a healthy and delicious meal prepared with love by a chef who cares about the quality of their food.

Give them a try and support these businesses making a difference in our community.