Attract people for friendship a good friend

What makes a good friend? 10 qualities to look for

There are a lot of things you can look for when choosing a good friend.

In this article, though, I want to talk about characteristics that come from the inside.

These qualities will emphasize how you relate to another person, not their outer appearance or social status.

What makes a good friend?

Having good friends is one of the most essential things in life. Good friendships can bring joy, support, and a sense of belonging. But what exactly makes a good friend?

A good friend is someone who listens and offers advice when needed. They understand and are non-judgmental but honest about your mistakes or wrongdoings.

A true friend will be there for you through thick and thin – no matter how difficult times may get!

They’ll make time for you even if they’re busy with their responsibilities because they know how much it means to have them around during tough times or to hang out together having fun conversations over coffee or dinner!

Good friends are loyal too; they won’t talk behind each other’s backs nor share secrets that should remain between them only – this trustworthiness helps create strong bonds between two people, which can last forever!

Lastly, an excellent quality in any friendship would be acceptance – accepting each other’s differences without expecting change from either side and being supportive of one another’s dreams & goals regardless if it goes against personal beliefs/opinions, etc.

This kind of unconditional love will keep any friendship going strong despite external influences trying otherwise 🙂

Attract people for friendship a good friend

10 qualities to look for in a good friend

1. You can be yourself with them.

2. They don’t judge you or what you do or say, even if it’s embarrassing or weird.

3. They’re not afraid to call you out when they’re wrong and tell you how they feel about something, even if you’re mad at them.

4. They listen to your problems and try to help by giving advice or just listening so that you feel better after conversing with them.

5. They’re willing to go out of their way when you need someone there with you in a pinch, whether helping someone else out or just being there for support when needed most.

6. They’ll stop by without being asked because they know how much it means to you when someone does this kind of thing for someone else without expecting anything in return—even if it’s just an hour out of their day!

7. A good friend is someone you can trust to be there for you no matter what, who will listen without judging, and who will show up when they need support.

8. A good friend will be honest with you even when it hurts because they care more about your feelings than getting into trouble.

9. A good friend isn’t afraid to ask questions or tell you what’s on their mind—they want the truth from both sides, not just one!

10. A good friend is someone who won’t judge you based on whatever awful thing happened yesterday, last week, or last month (or last year) but instead looks at the whole picture of who YOU have become through all those experiences and tries their best to see!

Questions to ask when you have known someone for a while

  • What makes it possible to become friends with someone so quickly?
  • What do you have in common?
  • How does this friendship start?
  • How did the first friendship between two people begin?
  • What qualities do you have in common?

A good friend is like a mirror. It reflects your true self. It makes you feel good about yourself and encourages you to do better.