What to eat on a first date

What to eat on a first date in Vancouver? Top 5 meals

If you’re reading this, I feel like it’s a safe bet to assume that you are or soon will be dating! With previous experiences, we have some quick picks for what to eat on a first date .

After being on our fair share of first dates and having experiences with what to order on that particular day, we have finally learned what to eat when going on a first date .

There are so many options for restaurants (especially in Vancouver), so it can be hard to try all of them at once!

That’s why we will share what to eat for a first date in Vancouver to make your food list minimalist!

What to eat on a first date in Vancouver?

Extensive advice, you must find an establishment with good food so that you and your date both get the best experience possible.

While enjoying the pleasing flavors, you can engage him in exciting conversations and bond over food. And we are sure this will be your key to many more successful dates to come.

Top 5 meals for your date

1. Pizza

Pizza might look like a typical choice but is the safest option for the first date in Vancouver.

Steer clear of pizzas that have pesto as a base, it’s delicious, but the risk of getting little bits of basil stuck in your teeth is just too high for a first date!

Where to eat Pizza in Vancouver?

Via Tevere Pizzeria offers over a dozen pies made in its wood-fired oven.

Address: 1190 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Instagram: @viateverepizza

2. Bite-sized pasta

Italien Food is often a go-to for date nights as it’s a cuisine that many people like.

Starting with Bite-sized pasta, like penne, ziti, and farfalle. This meal brings a classy, romantic, and elegant twist to your first date. Mildly spiced with Italian herbs in cheese sauce.

If you prefer long noodles, stay away from red sauces and order a cream or oil-based sauce if you spill the sauce.

What to eat on a first date

Where to eat Bite-sized pasta in Vancouver?

Livia’s range of housemade pasta is above and beyond anything you would have expected!

Address: 1399 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BCV V5L 3X5
Instagram: @liviasweets

3. Sushi

Sushi is clean, beautiful, and easy to eat (as long as you know how to use chopsticks, and even if you don’t, you can go more authentic and use your hands).

Sushi offers a wide variety of options, so even if your date is vegetarian or the thought of raw fish freaks you out, you can still find a role that works for you.

Where to eat Sushi in Vancouver?

It’s worth tasting Sushi Bar Maumi’s nigiri sushi imported fresh from Japan.

Address: 1226 Bute Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @sushi_bar_maumi

4- Dessert

Going straight to dessert on a first date is hassle-free, fun, creative, and straightforward.

Here are our top 5 Best late-night dessert spots in Vancouver.

  1. Rain Or Shine
  2. La Casa Gelato
  3. Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe
  4. Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake
  5. Duffin’s Donuts

5- Steak

Steak is a significant date food; it can be cut into pieces, so you don’t need to worry about taking a gross, messy bite. There’s no sauce dripping all over the place, and you can get it with the side of your choice.

Where to eat steak in Vancouver?

Le crocodile sets the tone for a relaxed evening with good food.

Address: 568 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Instagram: @lecrocodilerestaurant

A final remarque, while using Masosa check your date’s profile as he/she might write down a hint of what food they like the most!