Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver

Where to find Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver?

Have you ever wondered where to find Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver?

That is a tricky question because plenty of places serve them here.

Corn dogs may be simple, but you can never get tired of them. They are sold in many different versions, some crispy and others not. But what if I told you there is a way to have corn dogs made — the Korean-style style?

The most popular places for eating this treat are the local food trucks and the street carts at the Second Cup Coffee shops.

The Flying Dog Korean Diner and The Plaza Bakeries Korean Fried Chicken are famous places for these treats.

While these two restaurants might be credited for being popular with several people, it’s not as if they’re ordinary “diners,” if that makes any sense!

Let’s dive deep into Vancouver’s best spots for Korean-style corn dogs!

But first!

What is a Korean corn dog?

Corn dogs are a familiar food to many American kids, but what about the corn dogs of Korea?

A dish often debated, a favorite among many. The corn dog is not a child’s snack. It’s an American staple (yes, even in Korea), but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m talking about the Korean version of the dog. It has a fascinating history within Korean culture and its evolution into an icon for Korean fried chicken.

Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver

Where to find Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver?

These tasty treats are the perfect combination of sweet and savory, with a crunchy outside coating to meet your cravings.

Plenty of great options exist if you’re wondering where to find these delightful snacks in Vancouver.

You can try one at several local restaurants, such as Chung Chun Rice Dog or Ssong’s Hotdog. Both offer traditional-style corn dogs with beef sausage links coated in fluffy batter and deep fried until golden brown perfection.

Instagram: @chungchun.ca

Instagram: @ssongs_hotdog_ca

For an even more indulgent experience, head to Seoul Hotdogs on 6133 University Blvd for their gourmet take on this classic treat. Their signature item is the “Seoul Doggy,” which features a premium pork sausage link topped with melted cheese, kimchi mayo sauce, and crispy seaweed flakes all wrapped up inside baked brioche buns – yum!

If you want something grab-and-go friendly, check out The Fry Guys food truck, which has mini versions called “Korean Corn Dogs On A Stick.”

They come loaded with cheese or bulgogi (marinated beef) filling – delicious choices!

One of the most well-known spots is Arirang Hotdog & Croquette!

Arirang’s menu is famous for its original hot dog wrapped in signature breading. Still, one of its Canadian expressions is the poutine dog, which is rolled up in cheese curds and gravy.

Visitors can also customize their filling at the counter with either a beef or pork hot dog, mozzarella or marble cheese, or a half-and-half of each.

Address: Henderson Place Mall – 1163 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

Instagram: @ariranghotdog.ca

Korean-style corn dogs in Vancouver

Another fantastic option is Tokki!

A cute food place in Henderson mall that tastes fresh and homecooked for reasonable prices. I’ve gotten their tuna kimbap, udon, and pork curry katsu, and I plan to return to try other dishes!

And, if you want something more traditional but still tasty, check out Kogi Dog at Robson Public Market. Their classic version comes complete with onion rings. At the same time, the spicy one has jalapenos added to it – both are recommended by locals who have tried them before!

So if you’re feeling adventurous, why try one (or two!) of these fantastic places? You won’t regret it – happy snacking, everyone!

Vancouver has food vendors worldwide, so Korean-style corn dogs could be more exceptional.